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Why Is Advertising On Hoarding In India A Smart Option?

Hoarding is a large outdoor adverting format, which is an erected iron structure over the top of buildings and alongside major roads, preferably at places with high traffic and famous and busy roads.

They are large structures and present advertisements which are visible to people crossing them on roads walking or during traffic.

Hoarding is a structured board that displays unique and good-looking artworks and clever text titles,  which are highly visible majorly in all designated top markets. This is Outdoor advertising or outdoor marketing done to get the attention of people.

These outdoor media have great exposure to consumers majorly due to traffic. These provide a lot of visibility, not just due to their size but also the innovative “advertising” that could be accomplished by add-ons.

Hoarding or billboard advertising has a lot of advantages and will continue to be an effective medium. Hoardings or billboards are visible to the ongoing audience, and they are quite noticeable.

What Are The Types of Hoarding?

Hoarding is far more than just advertising panels; hoarding will add that skilled advantage to your brand’s possible customers in and around villages and cities.

1) Hoarding 

2) Billboards 

3) Unipoles 

4) Wallscapes 

Why Advertise On Hoardings?

Hoardings are so enormous that they cannot be avoided. There are various options when it comes to design as well. Hoarding or billboard advertising gives your brand a boost and helps it grow.

Moreover, while advertising on hoardings, marketers get a chance to be creative and innovative. Cynor Media has grown to be the best Hoarding Advertising Agency in India. We have been creating benchmarks for quality and innovation through our big-format hoardings, which cover most of the premium and strategic sites in PAN India. 

71% of Consumers Often Look at the Messages on Roadside Billboards.

(Source: Top Mediadvertising)

If you’d love a sudden boost in your sales, then let us do the hoardings for you and see the difference: large format, greater visibility, and better impact.

How Do We Do It?

Cynor Media believes that hoarding or billboard advertising is a captive and bold medium of advertising. We have expertise in doing everything from scratch, from selecting the location to the execution of the hoarding. Moreover, we would provide the best prices depending on the requirements.

What is The Need for a Hoarding Advertisement in India?

The fastest and easiest growing medium, which helps to reach your information to most of the people in the City, is the hoarding advertisement. Recent statistics say hoarding advertising in India has seen good impressions in recent times. 

There are many advantages to hoarding or billboard advertising as they are huge and grab eyeballs easily.

Advantages of Hoarding Advertising:


It is enormous and eye-catching for very many customers. Hoarding advertising is placed on major thoroughfares and highways, thus increasing the possibility of being seen by a great number of people throughout the day. This advertising medium is effective in catching the attention of the target audience.

Targeted Audience

If hoarding can be placed in areas chosen by advertisers, it will be easier for these companies to reach a particular consumer group to sell their services and products. Hoarding can be positioned along the route where prospective consumers drive by or pass by regularly, like on highways.

People of different ages notice things. Advertising on hoardings or billboards is best used to raise awareness about a cause or a brand. The strong visuals give it a boost, and the photographic information works well. Moreover, customers can easily find your brand.

Increased Consumer Exposure

Hoarding ads give enlarged consumer displays that allow the brand to present itself nicely. Top Media says spending on billboard ads is 80% less costly than on TV.

It is no surprise that many enterprises look for outdoor advertising approaches to step up their marketing aims.

Cost Effective

Hoardings are a time-efficient and cost-effective way to advertise your brand. Short installation times mean you can create an impact quickly and in a variety of ways. 

They can be reused for different purposes and projects, allowing you to display them to a variety of audiences and in different locations.

Billboard marketing costs 80% less than television advertising.”

 (Source: 75 Media)

Hoardings/Billboard Can’t Be Avoided

When it comes to hoarding, one thing is for sure: you will get an audience. Due to your advertising campaign’s display and location, it’s harder for customers to overlook your ad. People tend to observe their surroundings, usually at stoplights, and the same goes for traffic.

Hoardings are so broad and eye-catching, that people are pushed to look at the sign. Some people spend most of their time in cars, like going to the office or coming back home. For commuters on their way home from work or any activity, they can impulsively attract consumers to spend money.

Providing 24/7 Exposure

The advantages of hoarding advertising are many, the most important of which is that it’s there every day. Your hoardings will surely be friendly to look at with innovative design solutions such as aluminum signs.



Cynor Media is one of the best and leading Outdoor Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh. If you need an effective and powerful marketing measure for your business, you need us. 

We create clever and tricky hoarding advertisements that will attract the eyes of people, reach the targeted audience, and help increase your sales. We have a creative and talented design team that can produce brilliant hoarding designs that are distinct from our competitors.

What is hoarding advertising?

Hoarding is a large flat structure on which advertisements can be posted, esp at the roadside.

How much does hoarding advertising cost?

Research studies have repeatedly shown that OOH significantly lowers the cost of advertising. To reach 1,000 people, online can cost up to $17.50 per thousand impressions, magazines can cost up to $21.00 per thousand, and spot broadcast or cable can cost $22.00 – $25.00 per thousand.

Are hoarding a good investment?

You can keep the hoarding locations you find, build or renovate them, rent them out and keep the income. Hoardings return about 20% on your investment, so you can build a nice income stream with just a few signs. And there is conventional lending still available for building signs, despite the banking crisis.

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