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In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to many commercials in the modern world. These commercials may appear on billboards, posters, websites, in-video adverts, pamphlets, and other media.

For businesses, to ensure the effectiveness of an advertisement, it is important to consider many factors. A good advertisement strategy should result in an increase in sales and improved brand awareness.

Using advertising vans is an amazing way of advertising. These van wraps represent a modern form of advertising done in the old days by painting the companies’ names on trains. 

Advertising vans are made of large printed vinyl sheets that can last up to 7 years with proper maintenance. This sort of advertising can prove to be very effective as it has a lot of benefits.

The ad is placed in the designated area on the van and moves across places, advertising and publicizing the brand.

It is one of the best and most effective ways of reaching a large audience in a condensed amount of time.

How to Advertise Your Brand with Van Advertising

Your vehicle attracts people in various ways. Imagine your van having a hoarding describing the services and promotions you are offering. This will attract the attention of your potential customer base and encourage them to make inquiries.

At Big Color Hoards and Vehicle Wraps, we are passionate about getting you in touch with your future client base, so we have compiled a detailed list of how you too can market your business through your van.

Use Vehicle Wraps or Hoardings.

Vehicle wrapping is essentially a makeover for your van that seeks to reflect your brand and its ideals. You can decide how far your vehicle wrapping will extend, from mirrors to bumpers and everything in between.

When using a mobile van, you have a wide variety of print options to choose from. This is the best way to promote your business, especially if locals are your target demographic.

The Benefits of Advertising Van

24% of people said they have immediately visited a business because of an outdoor ad message.

(Source: Axiom Designs)


An attractive LED van makes your company vehicle stand out from every other vehicle on the road. On the road, passing motorists won’t pay much attention to plain white vans, but they will see a professionally designed vehicle wrap.

A survey done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America indicates that mobile vans are viewed by 95% of people who pass by them.”

People’s eyes will automatically turn to colorful car wraps since they are so captivating.

Engage a Large Audience

Depending on whether you have one vehicle and how far you travel, you could potentially reach tens of thousands of viewers per month – all of whom may need your products or services! 

Van advertising can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.

(Source: Identify Yourself)

Mobile van advertising can reach a larger audience than almost any other form of advertising. In fact, many businesses gain more customers through vehicle wraps than through their websites.

It is widely recognized as an excellent form for attracting attention. After all, the branding on your vehicle can be dressed up in any way to make it eye-catching.

With this type of advertising, there is huge potential to attract people with interesting graphics that help your business stand out.


Since a van campaign takes advantage of being constantly on the go, it allows for maximum exposure for the price that you pay. In addition, it doesn’t have an expiration date and can be used for as long as you want.

COST OF MOBILE VAN ADVERTISING in India may vary from 60K to 1L per month.

Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising such as billboards or bus bench advertising, your vehicle wrap will continue to be used and seen by customers and potential customers long after you have paid for it.

Positive Opinion

98% of people who saw a vehicle graphic said it created a positive company image.

(Source: Turbo-images)

It generates a positive opinion. Most people feel a company is well-established and more successful when they see these forms of marketing.

Increase Brand Awareness

Looking at the advertisement banner gives you a positive feeling towards a brand, which generates brand awareness and impressions.

Marketing Yourself

This is one kind of marketing way to promote your business by driving the vehicle by yourself. It will be a one-off investment for the graphics to get them on your vehicle.


If you are looking for an advertising van in Punjab providers in India, then you have landed at the right place.

Cynor Media is India’s best Advertising Van Agency in Chandigarh that offers advertising vans, LED van advertising, and other media solutions to spread the word about your brand to every possible place. Outdoor advertising services will bring your customers like a moth to fire towards your product.

The Cynor Media people are as friendly to their customers as their creativity. For any further inquiries, you should contact them at 9569999904.

What is an advertising van?

 Advertising Van is a medium of advertising wherein ads are placed on a modified vehicle. The vehicle is designed to carry the advertisement board at the back. It is one of the most popular mediums of advertising used for brand launches and awareness campaigns.

Why is advertising important?

It’s important because it can drive business growth. Advertising works to amplify your small business marketing and helps you reach the right audience with positive, targeted messaging that converts potential customers into paying customers.

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