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Which Location Is Best For Hoarding Advertising?

Hoarding Advertising is a marketing tactic that promotes items on a more intimate level and is gaining traction among all major corporations these days, owing to its success and the fact that they provide “individual customer promotion” at a considerably lower price than traditional media advertising. 

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68% of consumers claim their purchasing decisions are made while in the car.” Are you sleeping on it or taking advantage of it?

Hoarding Advertising services that are gaining more traction and hype in today’s scenario is Outdoor media, It has become an important component for both large and small businesses. Outdoor media also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising includes a variety of options from hoarding advertising, billboards, bust of posters, stickers, shop signs, flex boards, lamp posts, etc.

With the shift in customer lifestyle, the high cost of print and electronic media, and extensive clutter involved in other marketing activities, the uniqueness, and effectiveness of outdoor media is what makes it a huge success and influences people and businesses to engage in it. Outdoor media has a wide geographic reach, a long ad life, can reach a huge number of people, and is extremely effective in influencing both advertisers and target audiences. Out of all the outdoor advertising possibilities, hoarding advertising is the most popular. It is a highly successful marketing technique and one of the most trustworthy outdoor advertising types. Traditional roadside billboards have been the most popular kind of OOH advertising for many years, however digital OOH or digital billboards have seen a tremendous increase in recent years.

Unlike traditional forms of media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, these advertisements do not require people’s consent to access the platform and it’s something they cannot miss since the public sees the advertisements as soon as they leave the house. There are different types of advertisement hoardings, but the three most popular among them are-

  • Mobile Billboards: These mobile billboards are designed specifically for advertisement purposes, they come along with fixtures that hold the advertisement panels and can be used for placing the poster of the product one wants to promote through vans and can travel between cities, states, or wherever you want to place.
  • Static/ Regular Billboards: These are the hoardings that we usually see along the roadside, near bridges, etc.
  • Digital Billboards: Digital hoarding medium which involves installing LED screens and playing advertisements on them, has become the most engaging medium for mass communication.


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Strategic Placement of Hoarding Advertisement

Hoarding advertising is particularly beneficial for raising awareness of a brand, product, or promotion and, when it comes to efficient advertising, visibility plays an important role. Placing your product where it is visible and reaches a wider audience is a must. You may reach people of all genders, ages, and social classes with hoarding. 

When we talk about Television or radio advertisements people might view it as an interruption and skip the channel, but with Hoarding ads, it is hard to be missed. Besides-

Ads that are visible to a large number of people, have a greater reach and hence produce better outcomes. Because of their massive size, hoardings may be viewed from a long distance and this is what makes them stand out among other advertising mediums. 

Since billboard advertising costs way less than other marketing mediums, it also means you can create awareness about your brand by placing multiple hoardings at different locations rather than just one and creating awareness at a much faster speed.

Further, Placing the hoarding on the busiest streets/ roads, or areas where the customers would relate for example you are promoting a book,  then placing your hoarding near a bookstore or near a place where you would know the target audience comes regularly would be a great location, to begin with, and attract the right audience. Thinking of the locations where to place your product could be a tricky part but once done right could lead to a boom in sales and brand recognition.


Locations best suited by the target audience

Near Hotels/ Commercial Places.

Commercial and tourist spots at the heart of the city could be an ideal location for your Hoardings. Using catchy phrases and attention-grabbing techniques for your hoarding campaign could lead to attracting the right audience.

Near Schools or Educational Centers.

If your product aims at targeting a younger audience or is related to an educational product, then putting up a hoarding near a school would be the right spot.

Near Office Buildings.

Placing billboards near office buildings will keep clients up to date on the newest information about the products and services you deliver and they use or might use on a regular basis, after going through the billboard.

Near Bus and Train Stations.

If your product is not generic to a specific demographic and has mass appeal, then putting up a billboard near a bus or train station is a solid choice.

On the Side of a Busy Road/Highway.

Billboards grab the most attention, on a heavily traveled road. So placing your hoarding on a road with a higher traffic count would also help land more eyes on your product.


Billboards are a great way to reach a mass audience in a short period of time, also it is the only form of advertising in which the advertising brand has complete control over the ad space is outdoor hoarding advertisement. Because of the brand visibility that hoardings provide, they continue to be the most popular and quite effective. Furthermore, in other forms of advertising and marketing strategies, you have to generate leads or reach out to the leads, but in the case of hoarding, the leads come to you which is another great reason to Hop for a Hoarding advertisement.

Although famous, what also matters is the location of your hoarding and for that Contact one of the top outdoor advertising agencies in Chandigarh CYNOR MEDIA for any new product launch ideas, distinctive BTL Hoarding ideas, and locations to place the hoardings to improve your brand reach.

What is hoarding in advertising?

A large advertisement board, often along the side of a road, (particularly in high-traffic areas with well-known and busy roads), on which advertisements are displayed.

Where is the best place to put the billboard?

Placing a billboard on a heavy traffic road is a great place, to begin with, as more eyes fall on your billboard.

Why is hoarding important in marketing?

Outdoor hoarding is a great technique to promote your business and raise awareness about your services and products. One of the most appealing aspects of outdoor hoarding is its Flexibility. Instead of focusing just on certain target demographics, you now have the option to target any area of your demographics’ interest, also you may reach people of all genders, ages, and social classes with a hoarding.

Why is hoarding considered effective for advertising large events?

Hoarding is considered effective for advertising large events because compared to other forms of advertising they are way cheaper and help reach mass audiences or target audiences according to the brand requirement.

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