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Ways LED Displays Can Bolster Your Business Growth.

Are you aware of LED screens and displays? Do you understand how it works and how it can be used? With the change in time, multiple options are available, which makes it necessary for you to know. 

Advertising is the core of every business in the world. One of the most common forms of advertisement is the use of flexible LED screens. LED screens aid in the efficient display and management of content such as news, social media, promotional offers, discounts, and the company’s activities.

We will examine the many forms of LED advertising, how they impact businesses, their advantages, and upcoming trends.

How LED Displays Can Help Your Business Grow?

LED displays can also help you track customer feedback. This information will help you improve your advertising strategy and attract new clients. 

Engage Customers

Businesses use LED screens to gain maximum response from their customers. As per recent data, the majority of companies use LED billboards for brand promotion, and there is a high chance that audiences keep engaging with the products and services.

Saving Money

LED screens are a low-cost and effective way to advertise. LED displays advertise your product or service to your target audience.

Did You Know-

While a newspaper advertisement could cost up to $7.39 per 1000 impressions and a radio ad could cost over $5.00 per 1000, calculations have shown that LED signs cost just $0.15 per 1000 impressions.

LED advertising
(Source – Ledcraftinc)

Benefits of LED Advertisements for Your Business:

LED advertising is the best choice you’ve ever made for your company. The following are some benefits of choosing LED advertising:-


LED displays are permanent, and the information you decided to display on them is in soft type. No matter how bad the weather might be, the screens will keep playing the messages and advertisements during any storm.

You may be confident that the advertisement will be visible for as long as the power lasts for anyone who wants to view it.

Better Quality

LED screens are large and bright enough that someone standing a mile away can still read the text. The quality of light and colour on screens has increased the number of people watching advertisements, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the advertising process.


LED advertising is cost-effective. In terms of cost per thousand exposures of their message to the public, no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an LED display. The cost is less than $0.15 per 1000 exposures.

Hard To Ignore

LED advertising is hard to ignore. because there’s no option to skip the ads other than to look away, which ensures that the ads run their full length, and once that happens repeatedly, many people will find themselves watching them.

LED advertising will effectively get you new customers, who may quickly think of you if they need a product or a service you offer. Their brains are most likely to remember the ad and associate it with your brand.

LED Screen Installation Types:

LED screens for advertisements can be installed in many ways, depending on the message intended and its location. The installation types include the following:

  • Wall Mounts: These displays come in a range of sizes, from the little ones that can be found inside malls and shops to the enormous ones that are installed on enormous structures outside, and they are fixed to walls both inside and outside.
  • Pole Installation: These screens are installed on solitary poles built in an open area far from barriers like buildings and trees. They rank among the most expensive types of LED screens and are easy to move. You can also quickly and easily change the direction they face.
  • Hanging Installation: These are displayed from a location between two buildings that are supported by strong cables and wires. It is perfect for an outdoor setting with modestly sized, closely spaced buildings.
  • Mobile Rental Installation: These displays can be set up pretty quickly and relocated at a moment’s notice. They are effective at bringing attention to the launch of new products.

What is the location to place the LED?

Placing LEDs is really a considerable point, as otherwise, it would serve no purpose. LED screens outdoors can help to cover a large proportion of viewers. For this, placing it in an appropriate location is essential. However, the location of LED displays must be easily accessible for examination.

Once LED starts functioning, you will notice a great change in the number of audience members you attract and the areas where your service reaches.

LED screens are not for outdoor purposes but can be effectively manoeuvred indoors. It is a technological source that keeps your products and services in front of users and prevents them from forgetting about them.

Things to Consider When Buying an LED Advertisement Display

When it comes to choosing the best LED screen to rent, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Number of LEDs: You have to decide whether to use a single LED in one location or have them spread out in other strategic locations.
  • Installation Type: The type of LED display panels you select will be determined by the type of installation.
  • Price: LED advertising screens are expensive. The price increases with the size and sophistication of the features. You might need to budget. You must also choose between renting and outright purchasing.
  • Brightness: The visibility of content is heavily influenced by brightness. To be seen during the daytime against the glare of the sun from any angle on the ground, the screen must be bright enough. In addition, it needs to be visible at night, especially when it’s close to other screens so that users can see it better.


Online advertising may be taking over from other traditional forms, but there will always be space for outdoor advertising. LED van advertising will be the most preferred option in the future.

To plan your advertisement, Cynor Media is the best LED advertising company in India. Cynor Media is always there to help with expertise and an extensive range of LED screens, including production display boards, rental LED screens, and LED screens for vans, stadiums, and restaurants. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why use LED screens in the van campaign?

LED screens offer an amazing visual for your marketing strategy and have proven to be successful in attracting attention. LED screens offer a high brightness level and multi-function operation. It is easy to handle and consumes less power.

How much did the LED van campaign cost?

Cynor Media rents LED video vans, mobile van advertising, outdoor LED video vans, LED display system rentals across India, and LED mobile vans. The cost of renting an LED van in Punjab is Rs 6,000 per day.

Why choose Cynor Media for your next LED van campaign?

LED van advertising is an effective way to reach a target audience. Choose Cynor Media for your next LED van campaign to engage and entertain your audiences with an amazing viewing experience.

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