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Why Do Big Brands Prefer LED Van Over Other Modes of Advertising?

Advertising is one of the most helpful factors in growing a business’s success. However, it’s no secret that LED Van advertising is also one of the most complicated elements of a business to formulate and master; an effective strategy for one company may or may not be effective for another.

Did You Know-

30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.


(Source: Identify Yourself)

Advertising has to be creative yet relevant to market trends. It has to be catchy but not overly superficial. One effective way to advertise your brand is with the LED Van agency. LED van advertising is a good investment for your company with a low cost per thousand impressions.

Advertising has to be creative yet relevant to market trends. It has to be catchy but not overly superficial. One effective way to advertise your brand is to use a van. With a low cost per thousand impressions, Mobile Van Advertising is a good investment for your company.

It’s pretty simple: Once you appreciate the impact of advertising your business on vans, you are ready to go and make it happen. The process is surprisingly easy, Especially if you work with professionals who have experience in this industry.

Your van attracts people in various ways. Imagine your van having an LED display describing the products and services you are offering. This will attract the attention of your potential customer base and encourage them to make inquiries.

At CYNOR MEDIA, we are passionate about getting you in touch with your future client base, so we have compiled a detailed list of how you can market your business through LED Van.

Why Should You Use LED Van Advertising?


  • Van Advertising lets you advertise using a commodity you already have—there’s no need to pay for usage rights, billboard rentals, or TV/radio ads.
  • All you need to do is drive your van around the local area and wait for the inquiries to come rolling in.
  • Van advertising is a cheaper way of advertising your business while on the road.
  • A Mobile Van reaches a vast local market. People can see what you offer, no matter where you are.
  • You are increasing brand awareness and reaching new clients just by driving.
  • Your LED van informs people of your business offering.
  • Finally, driving a van that represents your business is like establishing a physical presence. People can easily approach you and inquire about your business.

CYNOR MEDIA is one of the best LED Van Advertising Companies in India with a range of display solutions. We bring the LED display in to meet our client’s expectations. We specialize in providing solutions for indoor and outdoor events and other commercial-grade requirements.

Choose Cynor Media for premium options for LED van advertising to engage and entertain your audiences with amazing viewing experiences.

What is LED Van Advertising?

Van Advertising is a remarkable and effective way of communication to convey your message to several people at the same time. The technology is becoming progressively popular with businesses because of its technological capability to display seamless content, scalable to any specific requirement. It is engineered with excellent features that allow it to make the content look excellent.

How do LED vans work?

The LED Van comprises many LED modules, which create a fluid display altogether. They are increasingly becoming popular because of their technical features – every light-emitting diode produces and emits its own light.

98% of people who saw a vehicle graphic said it created a positive company image. –

Reflective graphics greatly increase visibility in the dark, and are most effective for fleets that operate at night. (Photo courtesy of Visual Marking Systems)

(Source: American Trucking Association)

CYNOR MEDIA uses a number of HD LED displays. You will see limitless options for LED van advertising with high-end technologies.

What is an LED display used for?

LED displays are an impactful tool to share information in real time. It’s a collection of HD displays to build an LED van, controlled and managed by high-end software suites.

It appears to be a single canvas, but the technology working behind it makes it possible to create a powerful communication tool. Its high performance, flexibility, and scalability make it a budget-friendly solution for educating, informing, and entertaining people in a unique way.

This is the best advertising strategy for places where you need to address a large number of audiences. Some places where high-resolution LED Vans are needed are trade shows, public places, and others.

How much does LED Van Advertising Cost?

The cost of LED van advertising is determined by a range of factors such as video processing requirements, indoor or outdoor applications, and other requirements.

But you must believe that the latest LED displays are always more affordable and convenient than other options available to you. We at CYNOR MEDIA have years of experience in installing customized LED Vans to meet our client’s specific requirements. Once your budget and requirements are sorted out, we start creating your display!

Does Cynor Media also provide LED Vans in Chandigarh?

Yes. CYNOR MEDIA also provides services for LED display van advertising in Chandigarh. For more information, please contact us at info [at] cynormedia.com.

Is the van advertising rate the same for all types of vehicles?

No. Advertising rates on mobile vans and canters depend on the vehicle chosen (Based on Size).

How is ‘LED MOBILE VAN’ advertising different from mobile van advertising?

Brand promotion using the ‘LED Mobile Van’ includes the electronic display of advertisements. It can be a combination of audio and video content and can be more impactful to attract attention from on-lookers while on the move. It’s more costly as well as time-consuming.

What is the minimum campaign duration for advertising on mobile vans in Chandigarh?

The usual minimum campaign duration for mobile van branding is 1 week. However, in exceptional cases, it can also be booked for 1-2 days, but the charges will usually be higher.

How to promote my company’s branding vehicles?

Cynor Media holds expertise in the field of vehicle advertising, be it BTL Advertising, Mobile Van Advertising, or LED Van Advertising. You can contact Cynor Media via email at info[at] cynormedia.com. 

Who takes care of the permission required for branding on vehicles in Chandigarh?

Cynor Media takes care of all mobile van permissions required on the field. Permission fees are typically included in the quoted price. In exceptional circumstances, the client must also bear the cost.

Does Cynor Media also help to arrange promoters while doing ‘LED Van advertising’?

LED Van Advertising in Chandigarh can be arranged at an extra cost. This facility is only available for monthly campaigns.

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