How Does Cost Vary in Mobile Van Advertising?

Irrespective of whatever your product is advertising plays a  huge role in it, in fact without advertising your product would go unnoticed. Over the course of years, advertising services have evolved a lot from traditional advertising which includes television and radio to now digital and fast-paced advertising, however, there is one mode of advertising which is consistent, and even so, gaining more popularity nowadays Mobile Van advertising.

One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.”

First, let us know, What a mobile van is? A mobile van is a vehicle specifically built to be used for promotional purposes. A mobile van is a vehicle equipped with a suitable installation for displaying hoardings or banners. However, with digitalization Mobile Van advertising has also evolved from wrapping the product around the van to digital LED-equipped vehicles.

 Mobile Van advertising .

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Mobile van advertising is all about “Brand- building” and “Exposure.” The more people who view your moving bus, truck, or advertising van the more likely they are to respond to your brand and make a purchase. Mobile van advertising can be used according to the product and brand specification, product samples, and even as a booking booth, and further floated across cities, states, or parked at a place to attract and create brand recognition amongst the customers. 

Over the last ten years, this medium, or “media in motion,” has grown enormously, besides this mode of motion billboard Advertising and marketing are more cost-effective/ cheaper as compared to Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine, or Digital Advertising.

Mobile Vans can be used in different formats to create brand recognition and convert the watchers/viewers into potential customers-

  • Writing/Wrapping the mobile van
  • Using it as a live stage/booth 
  • Displaying the physical product on the van 
  • LED Screening/ Ads etc.

Advertising a van offers immense flexibility and visibility to create the market presence using it as a delivery van wrapped with your brand advertisement is the traditional way to go about using it as a live booth/Kiosks where you live to demonstrate your product/brand. 

For Example– In order to promote Kaun Banega Crorepati, mobile vans were installed with “HOT SEATS” and made around in the most crowded locations of the streets to grab the attention, which was POWER MOVE and one which succeeded too. Furthermore, these live Booths can be used for various other brand promotional activities in similar or other creative ways offering trials, demos, etc. 

There are also digital ads, the latest in the market, which is creating quite the buzz by placing LED screens on the moving van and playing the desired ads or relevant stuff for your brand.

“According to a Survey, done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, indicates that mobile vans are viewed by 95% of people who pass by them.”

The benefits of mobile Van advertising are countless when compared to other forms of advertising from being LOUD AND CLEAR to COST EFFECTIVE. Although this form of marketing is quite efficient, so is the advertising cost. Mobile van advertising costs in India may vary from 60K to 1L per month.

While this may sound a lot but it is far cheaper when looking against other forms of marketing like TV ads which cost around 1 lakh to 10 lakh for a 30-second slot,  which may not even get the kind of audience they want to attract and even more so people switch up the channels when ads pop up but not in case of mobile van advertising, a moving vehicle wrapped in your brand is hard to ignore or missed.

Additionally, a Survey, done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, shows Vehicle wraps generate a higher Return on $100 investment measured in terms of a number of impressions, followed by Billboards, Raio, Local network Tv, and then Newspapers.

Mobile van advertising helps to promotes your brands.


  • Renting a simple float van price starts from Rs.3000-4000/day and may vary according to the further additional features/services the client might want to add a from-Sound system for float, Promoter, anchor, leaflets, etc.
  • For LED Mobile Van On Rent  Display, it starts from Rs. 5000/day and it may vary from location to location In Chandigarh on average it is 8000/day, while in Mumbai the price starts from 10000/day.

Since as a form of BTL marketing, mobile van advertising has garnered huge attention and is one of the few marketing tactics which haven’t lost its charm over the years, besides you can see for yourself the price for mobile van advertising is way cheaper and more efficient and delivers instant and impactful results.


If you are looking for outdoor advertising and marketing strategy that will deliver instant results and is cost-efficient then Mobile van advertising is the answer. It is one of the most effective ways to get your company’s word out to the customers and keep them engaged.

And in order to successfully launch a mobile van advertising for your brand then hiring an event management company is the right call. These companies are well equipped with the best practices to use for promoting your brand on the road and keeping the campaign relevant to the public.

Planning on hiring an Event Management company for your brand promotion Contact one of the top Event Management companies in  Chandigarh CYNOR MEDIA which can help in creating the niche for any brand through its distinctive product launch ideas (Mobile Van), and unique BTL advertising ideas.

What is mobile van advertising

Mobile van advertising refers to vans that are designed for advertisement purposes and come along with fixtures that hold the advertisement panels and can be used for placing the poster of the product one wants to promote.

What is the material used in mobile van advertising?

The most common and widely used material for Mobile Van advertising is FLEX, this wooden platform for hoardings on the vans is also used.

How much does mobile van advertising cost?

Mobile van advertising varies from location to location and the daily kilometers run per day, range from 60K to 1L per month, and per day it ranges from 5000-10000k.

Why does mobile van advertising an effective medium of advertising?

Mobile Van advertising is considered an effective medium for advertising because compared to other forms of advertising they are cost-effective (way cheaper) and help reach mass audiences across states, cities, and rural or urban areas according to the brand requirement. It gives more exposure by acting as a moving billboard.

How do we monitor a mobile van advertising campaign?

Tracking a Mobile van advertising involves frequent sharing of the pictures and location. And if one finds the van in an area where it should not be, simply informing the driver of the van and asking to change the route to where the maximum audience is could help. However, monitoring the route could be quite a challenge at hand.

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