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How Can Cynor Media Make Your Corporate Events More Effective?

Hosting Corporate events is an attractive way to create an engagement between the company and its employees or customers. To put it simply it is any form of event, hospitality, or social activity which is organised or funded by a business entity.



Organising corporate events is a good way to create new leads and turn some potential clients into regular ones.

 There are many reasons why to organise a corporate event.

  • To educate staff or members of the public regarding various concepts promoted by the organisation.
  • To do a product launch. 
  • To mark some key milestones. 
  • To motivate employees by rewarding them for their hard work.

The term corporate events are not confined to just someone or two-hour-long conferences but the overall idea is much more than that. So the real question is what constitutes a corporate event?

The most anticipated corporate event can be conducted in myriad ways, some of them are :


The main purpose of a conference is to connect with target audiences and give them relevant information, usually to educate or motivate them. They are also an opportunity to increase collaboration and engage the audience. Conferences will often have several keynote speakers and multiple breakout areas where more in-depth sessions on specific topics take place. The selection of event venues is also important for corporate events. They also provide an opportunity for the targeted audience to be absorbed into the brand.


These are large industry-specific events in which businesses rent a space within the larger event area to promote their products or services to potential customers. Usually, open grounds are the preferred event venues for exhibitions.

Corporate events

Product Launch

The term “product launch” is quite self-explanatorily. A corporate event can be organised for product launch events. It can eventually create some initial hype in the market and can widen the consumer base.

Sports Tournamenets

The events do not have to be formal all the time. To bring a change and to enhance the fun side of employees, businesses often organise sports tournaments either annually or quarterly. This way, the employee does not get bored of the same routine job and is excited to look for something new.


Experiential corporate events are becoming a new trend these days. The management has been taking the responsibility to give the stakeholders a new experience and build better relationships among themselves.

How to Organise these events

Who says work can’t be fun? Using the most creative corporate event ideas, engaging activities will bring people together and make the entire event more engaging, whether it is a future holiday party for employees, product launch, or educational conference.

So what can we do to organise these corporate events in a more engaging way? and What should be the entire process of making that event a success?

It is best advised to follow certain interlinked steps-

Framing The Purpose

Before starting all the prep for hosting the event, it is best advised to brainstorm and find the right purpose for organising it. Otherwise, all the efforts and budget will go down the drain if the event cannot achieve the right purpose.


The next step is to frame the event budget. If it is some annual award function, then the event budget can be a bit more, and if the event is for some product launch events, then while drafting the budget, the team should consider if they are going to bring in some celebrity or band. These things should be considered beforehand.

Setting Deadlines

Organising an event involves a series of interlinked steps. Missing out on one step can create chaos in the end. So the team should set out point-to-point and exact deadlines and should also assign a specific group of people to them.

Choose The Audience

The decision about the target audience is also important in the corporate event. The audience can be anyone, they can be regular customers or potential customers, or even potential stakeholders and board of directors. The event should be planned to keep in mind the kind of audience it is going to target. and then only the event should be executed.

Deciding on Time And Location

The right time and the right location also play an important part in the right execution of the event. A prime location should be chosen after reviewing all the available spots, and it should be cross-checked with a prime location that can handle the gathering that is going to take place.


The final step is to execute the entire plan, and if things go slightly up and down, don’t feel stressed about it. The event management company will handle it on its own. Make sure you hire the best available option.

How Can We Make The Whole Event More Fun

There are many ways to turn a boring event into a more fun and engaging event Some of them are: 

  • Getting a dance troupe into the event.
  • Theme-based corporate events.
  • A stand-up comedian at an event.
  • Live band in the event.
Live Band

Now let us come to the real question. The thing is, every corporation organises this event, but do the messages get conveyed, and does the whole event leave its mark?

So in what ways can a corporate event be made fun and more engaging so that it can fetch some really good results?

Corporate event management is not everyone’s cup of tea, the whole planning and execution do require some serious teamwork and effort from almost everyone that is involved. As we have already said in the beginning, the purpose can be anything, it can be doing a product launch or just rewarding the employees for their efforts. An event should be something that can become the talk of the town. There is n number of ways to make it a success. Usually getting an event planner on board helps.

These days it’s not that hard to find an efficient event planner, but care should be taken while choosing one. Everything should be communicated beforehand.

Now, this whole thing of organising and execution also depends on the resources and budget of the company. These days there is a whole corporate event planner craze going on and beneficial are those who take advantage of it. 

Final Thoughts 

Right from planning to host a corporate event to hosting it, the success of the whole event depends on how people talk about it the next day. Does it create any kind of buzz in the market or just simply fail to even create a minimal hush about it?

Taking services from event management companies is a good option, Cynor Media is one of the event management companies in Chandigarh that offers such kinds of services, and that too at a minimal rate.

How can you make an event effective?

Renting a live band, getting some dance performers on board, or bringing some stand-up comedian to perform can add that excitement to the corporate event.

How do event management companies attract clients?

Event management companies attract their clients by offering good deals at a good price compared to their competitors. Often most successful companies tend to listen to their clients and aim to fulfill their demands in an efficient manner.

How much do event corporate planners make?

They usually make anywhere between 3 lakhs – 20 lakhs depending on the contracting party and its budget.

How the event is helpful in branding?

Corporate events not only help in product branding but also in popularising companies’ image. Organising the event in the right manner at the right time can create a wave in the market.


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