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Float Van

In a fast-paced world, it is very important to hit the message right to the right audience. Cynor media has expertise in hitting the streets with the right kind of float van marketing in the areas of Punjab, Chandigarh, and Delhi, by covering the whole North India. The mobile van advertising is a powerful and cost-effective way for brands to deliver a strong message at competitive prices. Cynor media provides different setups like Mobile Display van, Canter, LED Van, and L Shaped Mobile van, etc. according to the requirements of the clients.

Various Types of Float Vans organize by Cynor Media

Cynor media never depends on others for the outsourcing of any service and takes care of all the requirements on their own. Cynor media has 30 vehicles to avoid any delay and 150 + attached GPS enabled vehicles.Our costs start from 3k to 20k per Road Show. We believe in providing cost effective services to our customers.We are covering upto 100 customers everyday per roadshow.

Float Van Marketing is cost-effective and targeted advertising that not only increases the awareness of the brand but also increases exposure with a 97% recall rate. Get Benefited with a large number of audiences by placing the van at different positions. We provide mobile van advertising in Delhi, Punjab, and Chandigarh, as it is easy to deliver the message right whenever you need it.

Experienced and Proficient Team
We have been in the industry for many years now and our experienced and proficient team have worked with brands of different verticals. We have executed 800+ indoor and outdoor events so far .We use to run 80+ advertising van in a month.
Vast Vendor Network
The vast vendor network of Cynor Media will make you sit back, relax, and rely on us completely to plan and execute all events for you and for outdoor solution .
We take care of the client's budget and work strictly following the budget.

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We strive to provide true value to our clientele by organizing successful events through our uniquely conceptualized events and different marketing solutions.
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