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Hoarding Ads – Outdoor Advertising is The Ideal Medium to Reach a Target Audience.

In recent years, digitization has changed the face of Outdoor advertising. People are spending a lot of time outside of their homes. They devote a significant amount of time to commuting. It simply means that there will be numerous opportunities for both major brands and small businesses to make an influence.

According to the current scenario, Outdoor advertising provides the most exposure to sales and marketing. hoarding ads has evolved into a global marketing strategy, with advertisers offering ads in various shapes, sizes, colors, and formats. Hoardings have many benefits. They are affordable and cost-effective since once you put up hoarding it stays there for a maximum of 12 months. That is why many big companies Tata, Mahindra, and Heroes prefer advertising on hoardings.

Hoarding ads or billboards are influencing consumer decisions. Advertisements on hoardings ads serve as a regular reminder of the brand. People who are away from home for work, fun, enjoyment, or other reasons cannot ignore these hoarding ads because of their placement and size. Outdoor media advertising is succeeding. Several companies, including Tata, Mahindra, Hero, and others, continue to invest in hoarding ads and billboards.

71% of people consciously look at billboards when they are driving”

Outdoor Advertising Stats
(Source: Harleys Dream)

Reasons why Hoarding Ads can be the Ideal Medium to Reach a Target Audience

Wide Reach

When considering the impact of an advertising medium, one of the most significant factors is to look at its reach or the number of people with whom it can communicate. Hoardings are placed in strategically placed locations that have mass crowds of people passing by thus giving the ads great reach and awareness.

People spend most of their time traveling. This outdoor hoarding advertising is likely to be seen by people who move from one location to another, and this is a way of advertising and wide reach that marketers should not forget.


In outdoor advertising, visibility is also important. Ads that are visible to a large number of people have a greater reach and produce better outcomes. While other advertising mediums require the viewer to be close to them to see, hoardings may view from a long distance because of their immense size.

Target Audience

When it comes to sales and marketing, targeting is crucial. Wrong targeting can increase the expense of a campaign. Hoarding ads are efficiently targeted geographically by placing them in the locations and routes that the brand wants to target areas.

24 % of people who searched for a brand online after seeing a hoardings advertisement.”

Outdoor Advertising
(Source: Dashtwo)

Increase Leads

The leads must be reached in all other marketing methods and techniques. It’s rare to have leads come to you through a Google video ad or a pop-up ad. In hoarding, the leads will surely come to you. There have been numerous instances where hoarding advertising has resulted in direct calls from customers or increased traffic in locations.

Prominent Locations

What also matters in advertising is where you place your hoarding. Locations are necessary when you think about hoarding advertisements. Which location is used for hoarding is important. Commercial and tourist places are ideal locations for your Hoardings.

Using attention-grabbing techniques for your hoarding advertisement helps to attract the right audience. Hoarding advertising helps your brand get maximum visibility, like billboards and hoarding spaces across every major part of the city.


Varying Sizes

Hoarding advertising is cost-effective. If you have a low budget and may not want to advertise on a full-size hoarding ad. Sometimes, you have a high budget and want to flash your brand completely.

In either case, the hoarding advertising agencies have hoardings of varying sizes. Advertising agencies help you select the one that suits your budget and optimize your advertisement endeavors.

Hoarding Advertising Cost 

Imagine a scenario with hoarding advertisements! Consider outdoor advertising in a place on a high-traffic road. One person out of every ten people will look up at the ads and picture the number of views increasing per day.

75 % of people rely on hoardings for information. Companies need to invest in hoardings because it is one of the innovative ways to draw attention and build awareness, but do you want to know more about the difficulties and costs of hoarding advertising?

The cost of advertisements varies with different terms. Some may be less expensive, and some may be more costly, but the result and promotion would be well worth the investment:-

Size of the Hoarding

The hoarding advertising cost will depend on their size. Customers pay according to size, which includes many things like height, length, and location. 


Urban areas will have more costs due to more traffic, and rural areas will have lower prices.

Cost Based on the Visibility

Hoardings places where no one will see them is useless. It must be ensured that they are placed in high-traffic areas. Hoardings can be placed everywhere, and each will get impressions, but placing them in high-visibility areas, such as busy junctions, will get higher impressions than placing them in less-trafficked areas.

The area of high traffic will be more expensive than keeping them in other locations.

Location-Based Cost

The location of hoardings is important. Hoarding placed on busy roads, marketplaces, theatres, malls, and in cities with a high visibility rate will be more expensive than placing them in rural areas.


The hoarding rent is based on the length of a certain place. The cost agreement will be similar to when the length is long then the cost is high. Some hoardings ad agencies create a contract that hoardings cost depends on the duration, position, and size.


In the end, hoarding advertising can help your business reach a broader audience. Billboards can assist narrow down a target audience for creative or local businesses whose target audience is large yet within a comparable geographic area. Hoarding should appeal to your target audience and represent your marketing objectives.

Cynor Media one of the best outdoor advertising agencies in India offers hoarding advertising services to a wide range of brands, products, and services. where your brand gets optimal visibility. Expertise and extensive experience in the advertising industry give you a benefit when it comes to promotion and placing your brand in the best and the most effective method.

What is hoarding in advertising?

Hoarding is a type of outdoor advertising (OOH) that consists of an iron structure constructed on top of buildings and alongside major roadways, usually in high-traffic areas with well-known and busy routes.

How much does hoarding advertising cost?

The cost of advertising on hoardings is determined by many factors, including the location of the hoardings, the size of the billboard, whether it is lit or not, and the time of year the ad must be put in. Typically, rates are higher during the holiday season, when various brands have more marketing budgets to boost sales.

How effective are hoarding ads?

Hoarding advertising is a cost-effective way for small businesses to reach out to local clients as they go about their daily routines, without being invasive or overt in their approach.

What is the difference between billboards and hoardings?

Billboards and hoardings serve comparable promotional functions. but with a difference in their locations. While billboards can be seen in a variety of places, hoardings are only found near building sites, where they serve as both a safety barrier and an advertising display.

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