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Is your brand struggling to capture customers’ attention?

Is it becoming more difficult for you to maintain customer relationships? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Cynor Media is a leading branding company in Chandigarh. No matter what the target location and audience are, we can help you with any product or service launch.

89% of consumers say that they are loyal to brands that share their values.”

Benefits of Choosing Cynor Media Over Other Competitors-

  • We can make a few tweaks and update a few items for you quickly if you need them.
  • Again, if you want to target a certain audience, we can help.

The growth of a business depends upon whether the customers can remember a brand apart from its competitors.

Being on top of customers’ minds is not a simple task, especially in this era of advertising. It is easier for customers to discover or identify your brand’s product when they see an ad campaign. However, customers search for products from specific brands they remember.

So how can you ensure that your target customers are familiar with your brand and its products? In this article, we have explored how you can build strong brand awareness, establish trust among target customers, and increase sales.

59% of customers prefer to buy from brands they already know about.

Advertising stats

(Source: Invespcro)

Brand awareness refers to the capacity for customer recognition of a brand or a product by its name. Brands with brand awareness enjoy increased customer trust, increased credibility, customer loyalty, and so much more.

Therefore, most brands desire to have high brand awareness and employ different brand awareness strategies to achieve it.

These Strategies are Used to Effectively Increase Your Sales.

Give Your Brand a Personality

To achieve high brand awareness, you must have a strong brand. Memorable brands have their personalities and voices.

Giving your brand a personality that is genuine to your business and resonates with your target audience is critical.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising locally can benefit any business, especially small businesses, and sole traders.

Examples of Outdoor advertising include:

Mobile Van Advertising

When it comes to our mobile van advertising, all of our customers get the most exposure.

Our vans go 165 kilometers every day, covering all important areas and key intersections. You may reach over 20 million individuals every month with Cynor Media.

 Advantages of Mobile Van Advertising
  • Cost-effective advertising.
  • Easy Location-based targeting.
  • Brand Exposure to Remote or Posh Areas.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are planned by the corporation. The target audience is determined by the event’s goal.

Businesses hold events for a variety of objectives, including promoting, rewarding, motivating, launching, managing organizational transformation, and encouraging cooperation.

Advantages of Corporate Events
  • Improve the brand’s reach.
  • It’s great for product launches.
  • New Business Relationships.

BTL Advertising

BTL advertising enables businesses and brands to promote their products and services in innovative ways. Brand activation services, exhibits, display events, hoarding, hoarding installation, mall activation, and various marketing initiatives are all examples of BTL operations.

The objective of btl activities is to make the brand memorable and remarkable.

Advantages of BTL Advertising
  • Create brand awareness while attracting more customers.
  • Build a positive image of a brand.
  • Maximize business opportunities.

Hoarding Advertising

You may reach individuals of all genders, ages, and classes with a billboard or hoarding.

Advantages of Hoarding Advertising
  • Great for creating impressions.
  • Increased Consumer Exposure.
  • Advertise More Than One Message

Target Your Customers

Many businesses start ad campaigns to promote sales, raise brand awareness, or introduce a new product. Consider making an initial offer to get them to come in or call.

You must, however, establish whether your target audience is local, regional, national, worldwide, or a combination of these.

This will influence the medium you choose. You should inquire about their circulation or audience from the media industry and other independent sources. Age groupings, average income, and other helpful indicators may usually be broken down into figures.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure your advertising is honest and true.

Remember to Also Focus on Ad Campaigns

It is important to also create brand awareness strategies that focus on ad campaigns. Advertising campaigns such as billboards, posters, and brochures still have the power to reel in new customers and increase brand recognition.


In Cynor Media, all the customers, no matter how high or low the purchase, are given equal priority. Just imagine you hit the road for a walk and you see a campaign on the road promoting your brand and not just local areas. Our vehicles travel 165 km+, covering all major areas and main junctions in just one day. All this at a very economical price.


What Is Brand Advertising?

Brand advertising is a type of advertising that helps customers make connections and develop strong, long-term relationships. Companies that advertise their brands want to gain long-term favourable awareness.

How Does Advertising Help In Brand Building?

Brand advertising is a type of advertising that helps customers make connections and develop strong, long-term relationships. Companies that advertise their brands want to gain long-term favorable advertising aids in the development of brand loyalty, which leads to repeat purchases and positive referrals from existing consumers.

What Are The Examples Of Brand Advertising?

COCA-COLA – Share a Coke Campaign.
Nike – Just Do It Ads.
McDonald’s – Night-Time Service Advertisement.
Adidas – Behind the Scenes Advertisement.
Google – Year in Search Campaign.

What Are The Strategies To Increase Sales?

Have clear, well-defined goals
Communicate more with your customers
Look out for new distribution channels & opportunities.
Focus on your brand.

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