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Why Is It a Good Time To Invest in BTL Marketing?

It’s well known that BTL marketing is an increasingly effective tool for building brand awareness, with this backed up by the fact that up to 71% of customers regularly absorb the messages that are advertised by BTL ads. BTL marketing is where you target a specific group of consumers that have been identified as the target customers.

For example, BTL activities used for launch events for automotive brands and dealers are aimed at allowing car buyers to see and test drive vehicles. It is an activity that complements the generation of test drives by the customers already walking into the showrooms.

Did You Know-

BTL advertising reaches as much as 72% of the population every single week.

BTL advertising is aimed specifically at targeted individuals that have been identified as potential customers. Popular BTL activities include outdoor advertising, such as billboards and flyers; direct marketing, such as utilizing email and social media; and sponsorship of events. 

The latter is especially popular because providing a memorable experience to your potential customers makes your brand more memorable and people more inclined to it.

BTL marketing strategy focus on an in-store demonstration of a product that consumers may wish to investigate in person. This allows for a more high-touch experience, where a salesperson can answer direct questions and better explain the products. Some examples of below-the-line advertising include:

Examples of BTL Activities

Trade Shows and Presentations

Businesses often present their products and services through the local chambers of commerce. Companies use trade shows and presentations to answer questions about products and services, advantages and disadvantages, and affordability with the goal of customers.

BTL Advertising- Cynor Media

BTL Marketing- Cynor Media

Of course, there’s no perfect marketing tool that works each and every time. Instead, companies often subscribe to multiple strategies. For instance, a company might direct mail flyers promoting an upcoming event it is presenting at the neighbourhood convention 

Direct Mailing

Using direct mail Businesses continue to use direct mail advertising to target older audiences who are less likely to be online than younger generations. Postcard mailings and catalogues are still popular and useful outdoor advertising strategies.

Targeted Marketing

Businesses can target particular demographics, such as a consumer’s age or the location in which they operate.

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What are the advantages of investing in BTL advertising? 

BTL is very focused on targeting specific ads to certain people, ensuring the content and location line up as clearly as possible with the intent of these potential customers.

BTL activities are centered on maximizing return on investment (ROI), increasing user conversions, and quantifying success. Instead of simply increasing brand awareness, BTL is intended to ensure direct consumer interest in the product or brand by focusing directly on the user and their desires.

To Reach a Large Number of People

BTL marketing can reach as many as 92% of the population every week. Reaching target audiences means little unless you are able to engage them effectively.

BTL activities target specific times of the day, which is beneficial when promoting products or services amongst commuters.

Target Geographic Area

BTL advertising is particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses, and there’s a very simple reason for this.

Brand Awareness

BTL activities tend to convert leads into customers by focusing on creating more awareness and giving more information to the targeted segment.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

Innovative and creative marketing ideas help brands stand out from the rest. It gives brands an effective way to communicate their marketing message.

Creates Brand Credibility

BTL delivers instant results and builds a positive brand image. Calculating ROI is comparatively easier in the case of BTL than in that of other advertising. It helps in creating a customer-brand relationship.


BTL advertising agency helps business to reach their goal and creates their brand credibility.

Enables Customers to Feel the Product

Sample and trial generation is one of the best measures for creating more buzz. Once the customer is familiar with the product, he becomes brand loyal.


Running a business can be challenging at the best of times, but by taking the time to plan an advertising strategy using the tactics above, you can quickly and effectively reach new potential customers, engage your existing audience, and grow your brand.

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Why are BTL activities important?

BTL activities deliver instant results and build a positive brand image. It gives the brand an opportunity to demonstrate its products to its target audience, resulting in the sale of the product. It helps in building a customer-brand relationship. A positive brand image results in increased sales.

How does BTL marketing work?

BTL marketing is an advertising strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio or television. BTL marketing campaigns include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing.

Why are BTL activities beneficial for vehicle promotion?

BTL activities target individuals based on their needs or preferences and can lead directly to sales. Best  BTL Activities for Vehicles promotion-
1. Roadshow/float van
2. Display setups.
3. Test-drive campaigns.
4. Door-to-door coverage
5. Mechanics and bodybuilders meet.
6. Exchange campaign.
7. Mega-launch/Massive customer gathering/Product launch

What kind of BTL activities does Mahindra & Mahindra use?

“Mere paas mileage hai Mahindra Jeeto,” a BTL campaign, is used by Mahindra. Mahindra Jeeto-Fleet on Street Activity, a skit show involving two vehicles, had the goal of attracting an audience and conveying the message of high mileage—a vehicle that is the market leader in mileage. As per Z to A Marketing, this BTL campaign generated over 7400 enquiries, which led to more than 3500 test drives and ultimately converted into 154 bookings.

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