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Why Did Kubota Choose Btl Advertising Over Other Modes Of Advertising?

Times are changing, markets are developing, and competition is increasing. In times of homogenous markets, creating a niche for a brand has become very tough.

Marketing teams are busy developing plans to make their product and services stand out from the competition. They are devising strategies that can give them an edge over other competitors.

Gone are the days when only traditional marketing activities were used for generating leads and creating a base market. Times keep changing, and so do marketing trends and demands. Marketing is a complex sector that demands innovative solutions to help brands achieve desired results. 

Now is the time for BTL marketing. BTL activities include direct mail campaigns, brand promotion activities, trade shows, catalogues, Led van advertising, exhibitions, and targeted search engine marketing.

Why BTL Activities?

BTL activities commonly known as Below the line marketing is a strategy where products and services are promoted on a more personal level than ATL advertising. The biggest reason to choose BTL marketing is, it gives more exposure and increases its visibility.

It creates a direct communication link between brands and customers. Which amplifies the understanding and connection between the two teams. It further helps in the growth of brands’ products and services. 

It is why Escorts Kubota group chose Cynor media for their recent advertising campaign. They took assistance and services from the BTL agency in Punjab to design their LED vans.

How Cynor Media Executes Their Services.

Engaging audiences with your product and services requires creative ideas and proper execution. In times like these, it is best to take help from some event management company that can assist the brand in executing a successful campaign. 

Cynor Media provides these tailored services that can fit the demand of the customer. 


Cynor Media provides in-house printing solutions along with in-house designing services. The banners, hoardings and other printing media are designed and printed by them according to the requirements of the customer.

 Cynor Media provides the service of printing and designing which makes it easier for the customer to plan and execute the advertising campaign.

To make advertising more attractive and relatable, descriptive leaflets, backdrops, standees, etc. are designed according to the theme of the respective product with easy-to-understand text and language.   

Nowadays LED vans are being used extensively. They are easy to reach, cost-effective, and gain more attention from customers. Recently research stated that around 60% of consumers are believed to respond to outdoor advertising. To make the whole campaigning process more effective a combination of LED vans and other print media is being used. 

Attractive leaflets are used to get people’s attention toward the product. Leaflets are printed pieces of paper that give information about your product. They are designed in a very easy-to-understand way and are usually intended for free distribution.

Huge Hoardings are designed by the in-house design team and are placed at prime locations. Along with that LED, vans are also decorated with life-size hoardings and banners, making the van even more attractive. While designing the hoardings, banners, and leaflets, the design, colour combinations, etc are made relevant to the service the brand is offering.

Kubota tractors were able to make their campaign successful because of attractive leaflets, backdrops, and standees that stood out more than the rest. This made people aware of everything that Kubota tractors have to offer. Red and white combinations of led vans were customized designs that matched the Kubota Tractors theme.  

Product Promotion With Cynor Media

 Led van designed by Cynor Media for Kubota tractors
 Led van designed by Cynor Media for Kubota tractors

Just designing led vans and promoting them is not enough for a brand to create demand and generate sales in a market.

Handling customers and talking with them face to face while describing each minor detail of the product is also of paramount importance. For this, there is a need for staff that is aware of the product and can communicate easily with potential customers.

For this purpose, it is important to establish stalls at prime locations, where the brand can find some potential customers.

When brands decide to go with led mobile advertising, they make sure to take with them a group of staff and an anchor that can work at those stalls.

Why Are Led Vans And Exhibition Stalls Important?

Expanding markets have made exhibition stalls an inevitable part of marketing and promotion. They offer splendid opportunities to showcase the product.  

  • They are the best way to take your business directly to the customers which further helps in building better relationships with potential customers. 
  • It helps in showcasing the product and services to a highly targeted audience. 
  • Constant communication by the anchor at the stall helps in generating those leads which are not possible in the retail market.
  • They are cost-effective. 

It is very important to pay close attention to the aesthetic of the stall design. Cynor Media always makes sure that the theme of the stall completely matches the product they are selling. They are equipped with good lighting and a sound system that makes the stall more attractive. 

What Happens When A Customer Visits The Stall? 

Led vans are successful in attracting customers, making them visit the stall, and getting introduced to the products. For Kubota tractors, a similar process was followed.  

The whole process of generating leads is planned in a very efficient way so that the relationship between the customer and the business does not rupture. 

Once the customers reached the stall, they were introduced to the Kubota tractors. They were given a test drive to make a decision.  

Once the customer makes their mind to buy the product, they are supposed to do a booking amount. It makes sure that the customer is satisfied and fully convinced to buy the product. 

Staff appointed at the stall always make sure to take genuine feedback from the customer. This further helps in getting the necessary improvements that are required for brand improvement and business development. Marketing teams further strategize to amplify their services and improve their customer experience.

Why Are Brands Preferring Led Vans Over Other BTL Marketing Techniques?

Led vans are one of the easiest and most effective ways to advertise the brand and its product. Moreover, preparing led vans doesn’t even take much time and can be customized in any way. 

Cynor Media efficiently provides transportation solutions. Instead of outsourcing vehicles from other service providers, they have their own vehicles which they provide to their customers for their respective campaigns.

The service takers would not have to worry about anything, everything is handled professionally by the experts at Cynor Media.  They provide a range of transport, customers can choose anything that fits their needs.

The requisite delivery of vehicles is done in a very short period usually in 4-5 days. For Kubota Tractors too, delivered around 20-25 vans in a period of 4-5 days. Fast delivery facilitates efficiency and removes time management issues. 

With changing times, marketing strategists are busy devising plans and processes that can bring them to the top of the competition. Opting for BTL advertising over other modes of advertising can bring an unlimited number of advantages.


To derive creative solutions, taking the help of event management companies is the best solution. Cynor Media, a BTL advertising agency in Chandigarh has successfully helped a lot of brands design their advertising campaigns.

Why Did Kubota Choose Cynor Media For Their Btl Marketing?

For their recent advertising campaign, Kubota tractors required aesthetically pleasing led vans that could efficiently advertise their product. Cynor Media delivered exactly what was required. In 4-5 days around 15-20 vans were completed and were ready to go on the floor.

What Are The Reasons To Engage In Btl Advertising?

There are multiple reasons why BTL advertising is preferred over other modes of advertising. Some of them are: 
✓ Creates a direct point of contact between customer & brand.
✓ Creates brand awareness.
✓ Makes the brand stand out.
✓ Amplifies brands’ credibility. 

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