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Best BTL Activities for Vehicles Launch and Marketing

1.Float van /Road show

Float van is an effective marketing tool to reach 90 to 100 customers in a day .Best thing is it is moveable so it can easy cover 5 to 6 micro market a day .Road Show Agency in Punjab

It is cost effective and it saves a lot of money. We can have audio and video options in this to show product video. It is moveable and can be start from 3000 Rs per day cost (Road Show Agency in Himachal).

Float Van Company

2. Display setups

We can use display setups to launch our product for display product in micro market. It is cost effective and save lot of money as compared to big launches. We can easily move it to two to three places in a day . We can cover 100 to 150 customers a day .It is best for crowded place like mall, markets and parking areas.BTL Advertising

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3. Test drive campaigns

We can do Test drive campaigns of new vehicle in pre decided micro markets. Customers will feel new technology and changes. Most of new vehicle are sold only by test drives. We can have example of best bike company in India .They use to do lot of test drive campaigns and all car company use to do lot of test drive campaign .

4. Door to door coverage

We  can do door to door coverage of customers. We can give product brochures and demo of product to customers. Some time it is difficult to fetch customer at showroom or launch area so it is always better to go to customer place as it save lot of money also .It can be done on bike or display vehicle itself. Customer use to give time if you are at his comfort zone area like home or office .

5. Mechanic and bodybuilder meet

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We can do mechanic and bodybuilder meet as they are influencer and can spread positive words about our new product. Customer always use to ask their trusted mechanic about new vehicle .In case of commercial trucks even body builder ,fabricator and drivers are key influencers . One should always keep in mind these influencers while pitching new vehicle .

Exchange campaign

We can do exchange campaign .We can have broker to do evaluation of old vehicles of customers as in this way we can pitch new vehicle to them .


Mega launch /Big customer meet /Product launch

Corporate Event We can also do big launches to cover mass customers like 300 to 400 .It is always best to spend time with customer by engaging them through entertainment mix with product videos .One should always offer good food and snacks. Minimum time period of event must be 3 to 4 hours and venue or hotel should be with in reach of customers .