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Easy Promotion Method of Electric Vehicle (EV)

With the global shifts going on- which include climate changes, oil price rise, every industry is reforming its ways of operations, and the automobile industry being part of the industry is trying to shift at present too, and focusing on alternative/less energy-intensive options. India too is investing in and trying to bring about a change in the automobile industry by focusing on electric mobility.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE is constantly considered a part of the solution when global issues of this sort are discussed to cut oil rise pricing, reduce pollution, usage of renewable resources, and increase the efficiency of the electric automobile industry.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) encompass a wide range of vehicles, including electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers (rickshaws), automobiles, and electric buses.

Did you know?

“In April 2019, Niti Aayog, the federal think tank, published a report titled “India’s Electric Mobility Transformation”, which pegs EV sales penetration in India at 70 percent for commercial cars, 30 percent for private cars, 40 percent for buses, and 80 percent for two- and three-wheelers by 2030.”

Electric vehicle sales in India have increased dramatically in the previous five years with OLA selling around 1100 Electric vehicle scooters in just 2 days. There is a dynamic shift in the industry, but the industry still has a long way to go.

Need for Electric Vehicle: India requires a transportation revolution.

  • The current scenario of overcrowding cars running on fuel is only adding to the problem of overcrowding of cities, air pollution and relying on expensive imported fuel.
  • Electric mobility is a promising global method for reducing carbon emissions in the transportation industry.

In order to Launch and electric vehicle in the market, there are certain aspects to be considered and kept in mind as the industry is growing at a fast pace but EV’s are yet to make that mark in India-

Communicate Effectively

When delivering in a vast domestic market like India, launching a product and making sure that people understand it and get that impression is a huge task. One needs to dive in and explain the nitty-gritty and the benefits of EV in detail rather than just giving a demo of the product. And for that BTL marketing (BELOW THE LINE) is the one that would work.

Customer Experience

Customers enjoy trying out new things as part of the learning process. Everyone wants to drive an electric vehicle to learn about its advantages. As a result, it’s a good idea to promote a lot of test drives at your EV product launch event. Or just a strategy of that sort in which a few lucky customers could come up and try the product for themselves.

Going Social

Client education is the top focus when it comes to Electric Vehicle marketing.  In order to launch a product like an Electric vehicle social media power could be harnessed to rope in customers, by 

  • Posting relevant videos,
  • Images, 
  • Contestants,
  • Polls etc.

Creating the BUZZ before the launch event will get customers excited and thrilled to attend the Launch and even buy the product.

Working with an Event Management Company

In order to make your product launch, a success and less stressful going for an Event management company is the way for it. 

Having an Event management company around would help you learn marketing tactics and make your event a success in each and every aspect as they will dig deep into the product and industry knowledge to make your product launch a success.

BTL Marketing

Campaigns like – Mere Paas mileage Hai Mahindra Jeeto BTL campaign, started by Mahindra Mere- Over 7400 inquiries were generated by this BTL campaign, which resulted in over 3500 test drives and 154 bookings. The distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, and brochures at points of sale, as well as banners and signage on highways, is considered below-the-line (BTL) advertising. Using BTL marketing could be a great way to launch your product and event management companies that use BTL marketing could be a great approach for that to enhance your reach and brand awareness or any product related to it. 

BTL Marketing is a great approach to reach your target audience, various BTL services use creative and lucrative activities to make the brand reach the target audience and make the brand which in our case is EV stand out and build credibility. Brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Canon India, instead of going on traditional marketing and current digital overdrive to promote new products, are Tapping into and using the BTL service platform to reach out to customers.

City-Wise Launches

To target regional consumers, geo-targeted digital customized banner adverts can be employed. Researching and focusing on areas and customer segments that are rapidly looking for EVs could be a great way to launch the product and gain the attention needed.


Launching a product like an Electric vehicle could be a huge task at hand but using BTL activities could be a great asset. A unique idea can help a company build a large consumer base. BTL marketing services can be a great way to start launching your product mainly for the two reasons below:

  • Out-of-the-box methods can be used to build tailored campaigns for certain brands and produce great results.
  • Another effect is that it has a great impact on the target group since it allows you to feel the brand and establishes a strong bond with your target.

If your brand has not tried any BTL activity yet, now is the time to show your real charm and mark your presence in the market with BTL marketing strategies. Reach out to Cynor Media, one of the best BTL marketing agencies in Chandigarh for new product launch ideas, creative BTL advertising, and Event Management.


What is the need to introduce electric vehicles?

There are various benefits of EV over fuel or petroleum cars. With everything going around from oil prices rising to climate change, to overpollution from petroleum and fuel cars – deteriorating our health, EV’s are the future of the automobile industry and the need of the hour too.  EVs are cheaper to maintain, cheaper to run, cheaper to register, Eco friendly (better for the environment)- better for our health, less noise pollution, better for resource-saving purposes. Stating all these reasons Electric vehicles need to be introduced for the betterment and technological advancement of the automobile industry and society.

How can we promote electric vehicles?

There are various tactics including- photoshoots, Vehicle unveiling, Offline media drives, BTL Marketing, Test-drives, City-wise launches, etc.

What is the best way to launch an electronic product?

The best way to launch an EV Is to go for BTL marketing activities as it gives the customer in-hand experience, boosts brand recognition, Creates brand credibility, and much more.

How do you promote electric vehicles with BTL marketing?

To engage the maximum audience to promote your product Below the line marketing is ideal. They are convenient and produce maximum results, the activities could include test drives campaigns, competition, sponsorships, advertisements in the streets, press conferences, SMS, retail pop-ups, etc. are all very convenient ways to promote your EV’s.

To read more on BTL Marketing visit- How Does BTL Marketing Deliver Instant Results to Your Sales?

What is India doing to promote electric vehicles?

With the various benefits of Electric Vehicle, India placing a huge emphasis on it, various policies have been launched by the government of India to promote EV adoption by the masses from allowing the exemption of registration fees for battery-operated vehicles to reducing the age limit to 16-18 to obtain a license to drive E-scooters, Government has also taken down the GST on EV’s and charging stations from 12% to 5%, and 18% to 5%respectively and many more policies are been implemented to promote EV adoption in India.

If successful, the shift to electric vehicles could potentially help India save up to $300 Bn (INR 20 Lakh Cr) in oil imports and nearly 1 gigatonne of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, as per a recent report by FICCI and Rocky Mountain Institute!

Learn more about the initiatives taken by the Government to promote electric vehicles.

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