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Mobile Van Advertising: The Most Effective Medium For Promotions!

People usually think about whether mobile van advertising is an effective medium for promotions. Van advertisements are everywhere in India and are mostly used by the country’s people. 

Did you know-

96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.

Along with buses and local trains, they are convenient and constitute the transport lifeline. They reach every major and minor part of the city. Van advertising is affecting efficiency. The role is to help other brands in various cities.

We have seen millions of van advertisements for decades. Isn’t it? People have been leveraging the benefits of mobile van advertising for years, and now it has become a popular medium of promotions.

Branding and advertising are not going anywhere; they are a necessity for every business.

Therefore, mobile van advertising is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient method. The cost of mobile van advertising in India may vary from 60K to 1L per month.

It is an effective medium of advertising. Moreover, many recent reports have shown that mobile van advertising is the most convenient way to introduce your brand to the local areas.

What is Mobile Van Advertising?

Mobile Van Advertising consists of brand promotions on a moving vehicle fixed with client creative.

Therefore, the popularity of mobile vans has changed the idea of branding, and the Mobile van has seamlessly increased in prominence across India.

They have high visibility, whereas many other media fail to reach and cover wider areas.

Their ability runs not only on the main roads and highways but also on the city’s narrow lanes, nooks, and crannies, making auto branding one of the most recommended marketing media that is highly visible to all.


Numerous Advantages of Mobile Van Advertising

We’ve talked about mobile vans; there are numerous reasons why van advertising is on the rise. Let us see how advertising vans can benefit your brand:

Visibility and Reach

Compared to other media, van campaigns can easily reach every corner of the city. It can give very high brand exposure and help increase brand awareness and recall rate.

Unlike trains and buses, it doesn’t travel along the same fixed path and goes into different areas that can help target the right audience.

Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.

Long-Term and Durable

Mobile van advertising can be said to be a one-time advertisement because it goes for a long time and is more durable.

Van advertising is becoming the best way to highlight your business in different areas as it becomes more durable.


One of the essential benefits of LED vans is their ready availability. There is no shortage; you can find van campaigns on mobile vans.


Van advertising has proven to be the most cost-effective medium with a high return on investment.

Now it is considered the best promotional tool for your brand because it will work throughout the city.

Advertising on Outdoor Media

Compared to any other outdoor medium, for example, banner hoardings, the LED Van campaign has higher visibility.

For example, the average number of people who see Mobile Van commercials is around 5000 impressions within a single day.

Localized Promotions

They are attached to different areas, whether they are taxi stands or nearby local areas. They extensively cover the large areas nearby. They have easy access to the residential areas where buses and trains can’t be reached.

Businesses that depend on local areas will find mobile van advertising most effective. It is a better way to convey your thoughts and business to the smaller areas.

It is important to reach out to everyone if you want to become a brand. Therefore, how can we even forget about localization?

This keeps the brand’s advertisements looking new and clean. Outdoor advertising has benefited many brands.

We have discussed a lot about mobile van advertising and how it can help you and your business. Van advertising is done in different ways, but it depends on you what print ad message on the hoods should be attached. That can attract people.


Mobile van advertising has become the most popular form of branding in India. You will find branded vans on the street since these vans travel everywhere and cover the most ground on highways and byways.

Therefore, float van advertising proves to be great brand promotion.

They are unlike the posters that you see on walls. Advertising on vans is less expensive than posters stuck on hoardings and walls.

If you are looking for an outdoor advertising medium that is cost-effective yet gains the desired results, then Mobile van advertising in Chandigarh is the answer!

Mobile van advertising helps your brand reach targeted areas at your convenience. Use mobile van ads to showcase your product with Cynor Media at the best rates. We provide affordable mobile van advertising services all over India, especially in the North.

What is mobile van branding?

Mobile Van is a vehicle that has an appropriate installment for displaying hoardings or banners. The Advertisement is placed in the designated area on the Mobile Van and it moves across places advertising and publicizing the brand.

What is the use of a mobile van?

So, mobile vans are vehicles designed specifically for promotional purposes. They come along with fixtures that hold the advertisement panels. These vans move across the cities or are parked at locations with high footfall.

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