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Is a Mobile Van Roadshow an Effective Way to Amplify Business Outreach?

A roadshow is an invitation by a brand to their target audience to try out their brand the next time they shop. A roadshow is an excellent tool to increase your business outreach. The Roadshow shows the world what an amazing brand you are. The brand can explain details to the customer in a more efficient way than any other medium.

What is a B2B Mobile Roadshow?

A mobile van roadshow is to introduce clients and potential clients to a new product. This roadshow includes demonstrations of the new product and presentations or training on the new product.

Did You Know-

“Vehicle wraps give you between 30,000 and 70,000 “ad impressions” (the number of people who potentially see your ad) per day.”

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A Mobile Van Roadshow Can Aid in Business Outreach

Here Are Some Ways Mobile Van Advertising Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience.

Advertising Throughout The Day

You can increase your outreach through LED Van Advertising because you can move the van throughout the day and across all your target areas. 

For instance, if your product is a vehicle, you may operate your van in the evenings when you’d find a lot of young crowds. This way, you can grab your audience’s attention.

Easy to create

It’s okay not to have hoarding to advertise your brand. In many cases, you may need a small yet impactful process and a compelling write-up to grab your audience’s attention.

You might move that small piece of paper throughout your vehicle and reach every location. Additionally, you can customize the vehicle to advertise as per the company’s brand guidelines.

Direct Communication

Creative and expressive presentations attract commuters. Accordingly, mobile van advertising needs to be attractive enough to pull people towards it.

Location Shifting

Mobile vans keep moving throughout the day and reach the far corners of the city. While these vans reach various places, the ad is noticed by them, thus increasing your business outreach.

People may not necessarily remember your ad in the first instance. But a mobile van moving throughout the city frequently can help create an image memory, which people may recall later.

Benefits Of Roadshows Marketing

Extend Your Outreach

Mobile Van Advertising travels the city with hoardings that promote your business in various areas. Therefore, it helps in expanding the reach of your products. Additionally, customized vehicle selection enables you to reach any corner of the city and develop a genuine business outreach for it.

Makes a Visual Impact

The hoarding that mobile vans carry is large enough to be visible. Accordingly, mobile vans create a high visual impact. Furthermore, having several vans traveling throughout the city and throughout the day allows you to prominently display your advertisements throughout the city.

Improving Brand Awareness

You can choose to advertise your brand among the targeted audience by making your van travel throughout the targeted regions. So, if you do not want to create a citywide reach, you can keep your advertising efforts and investments focused and precise to limit the outreach within your target audience and get focused leads.

How To Plan a Successful Roadshow

Roadshow events take your brand on the road, creating an entertaining show out of your company and its message. Because of their personal, interactive formats, roadshows are an excellent way to boost public awareness of your business and connect with current and future customers.

A vehicle driven only 15,000 miles per year will pass through 9,000,000 other vehicles.

B2B businesses do roadshows for different reasons. Sometimes it’s just because they want to connect with their customers on a more personal level. At other times, it’s because the only way they can demonstrate their products and services is to do them in person.

Choose Your Location 

Conduct market research and go to where you have or want to have customers. Essentially, you’ll want to go to locations where you have the most customers or where you have the most potential customers.

Entertain Your Audience

Your roadshow must be a “show” that engages, excites, and informs your target audience and clients. Consider hiring some experienced entertainers who can add some humor to the situation while giving your sales staff a platform to interact with clients and products. 

You might also wish to include magicians who engage with attendees, comedians, musicians, and audience competitions.

Select The Right Time

If there is a big event that will attract people who are interested in your product or services, think about presenting your roadshow there where the audience will be gathered.

Invite The Right People

Although a bigger crowd may give the impression that your roadshow is more successful, it is crucial to select the correct right audience. That suggests that you should focus on current customers and new clients who fit the right profile.

Don’t Forget to Promote Your Roadshow

Enlist the help of your marketing team—or an outside marketing firm and publicist—to promote your roadshow as widely as possible. Consider promising gifts and prizes to generate as much excitement as possible.

Cynor Media is one of the best agencies for Roadshow activities in India. The Agency has extensive contacts spread across various cities in India and has proven to be a Roadshow service with a difference!


We have roadshow vehicles of varying sizes. It enables you to access any city, so take advantage of every opportunity. We seek the necessary approvals to park vans in places that will optimize the business outreach.


It doesn’t cost you much to advertise your brand through mobile vans. The cost of mobile van advertising varies from 60K to 1L per month. However, the price depends significantly on factors such as the distance covered, the vehicle you use, fuel expenses, advertising fees, etc. Therefore, you must talk about them before you decide to exhibit your advertisement across the city.


Our hoardings and LED are large and bright enough to ensure that the viewers watch and read the ad comfortably.

Our vans travel through a number of the city’s residential and business districts. Hence, people from different age groups and walks of life watch your ad. It helps create maximum visibility for your product.

WeE Travel Long Distances in a Day.

To maximize the reach of your brand, our roadshow van drive across the city and cover significant distances throughout the day. Throughout the day, our vans can service the entire city.

While hoarding in the prime area of your city may cost you a lot of money, our roadshow vehicles pass through various prime locations, and still cost you way less than hoarding, which may limit you to only a few places It help to improve your business outreach.

Roadshow For Your Products.

If you choose to avail of the service, CYNOR MEDIA‘s team of experienced advertising professionals can give a demo or conduct a mobile van roadshow off your product. It helps your target audience understand your product better.

Cynor Media can host your Roadshow in Chandigarh.

At CYNOR MEDIA, we provide services for all types of events: conferences, roadshows, and Outdoor Advertising Services in Chandigarh. As the premier event services provider in Chandigarh, we look forward to discussing your roadshow event plans with you—so you can make it the best show your current and future customers have ever seen!


What is a Roadshow Event?

A roadshow is a series of presentations in various locations leading up to an initial public offering. The Roadshow is a sales pitch to the underwriting firm and a company’s executive management team to potential investors.

What makes a successful mobile van roadshow?

Your roadshow must be a “show” that engages, excites, and informs your target audience and clients. Consider hiring some skilled entertainers who can add some humor to the situation while giving your sales staff a platform to interact with clients and demonstrate products.

What is the purpose of a Mobile Van Roadshow?

A mobile van roadshow is a promotion made by the underwriting business and a company’s management team to potential investors before going public. Roadshows are typically held in large cities to generate interest in the next offer.

Why do companies do Roadshows?

Roadshows improve the strategic judgments of management and persuade investors of the company’s long-term survival. As a result, the business will see long-term growth and profitability.

How do you do Roadshows?

1. Clearly define your goals for the event roadshow.
2. Carefully select the time and locations for your roadshow.
3. Team up with an event production partner.
4. Harness the power of event technology.
5. Make it creative, engaging, and consistent.

What is the best way to promote a product?

A roadshow is the best way to promote a new product. A product launch roadshow is an activity to present a new product to customers and potential customers.

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