BTL marketing Activities

BTL Marketing: Definition, Types, Location, and How to Organize?

BTL marketing is a marketing strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio or television. BTL marketing targets audiences that have been identified as potential customers.

Popular BTL marketing strategies include outdoor advertising, such as billboards and flyers; direct marketing; and sponsorship of events. BTL activities give potential customers a memorable experience, increasing the brand’s value.

BTL marketing

Top BTL agencies in India say that when one usually interacts through the media, it is BTL marketing. BTL’s marketing strategy is the intended audience for the message and the creativity put into its creation. Feedback is the most important factor in BTL activities, and the best way to consider the effectiveness of communication is through the target audience’s receptivity.

Types of BTL Marketing Activities

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a marketing activity that is created to increase sales, boost customer loyalty, or generate brand awareness. It usually involves offering a discount or some other type of motivation for customers to buy your product or engage with your brand. 

Sales promotion is the best way to improve sales by attracting new customers and encouraging existing customers to buy more. 

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing targets customers without using traditional media of advertising, such as TV, newspapers, or radio. Businesses communicate directly with customers through BTL activities such as catalogues and promotional methods.


Sponsorship is a partnership with other corporations or events to increase impressions, and it is part of BTL strategy.

Public Relations

Publicity is more cost-effective than advertising. The main goal of public relations is to improve the brand’s image. 


Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing. Products and services are promoted to prospects by calling.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows offer businesses the opportunity to meet with potential customers. It also allows representatives of the business to see what competitors are doing and learn about innovations and new product offers. Exhibitions allow businesses to showcase new products to potential customers. They are highly focused in that they attract a specific segment of the market.

Advantages of BTL Marketing:

  • Highly Targeted: Conversions are better when the communication is done according to the customer’s desires. Since BTL marketing strategies are extremely targeted, results are better in terms of conversions.
  • Allow segments to be focused on: In BTL, it is easier to target sections of the audience. The target audience can be reached more efficiently.
  • Better ROI: BTL marketing is focused on a specific target group, has a better reach, and can be easily executed, tracked, and controlled. Hence, BTL marketing strategies provide a better ROI in terms of conversion.
  • Easy Control: The return from BTL activities can be easily tracked and monitored, and steps can be taken to improve ROI.
  • Tailor-Made: BTL marketing strategies are organised according to the needs of a specific target group and hence can be set differently for different customer groups.
  • A good way of measuring BTL marketing strategies can be easily measured. It gives marketers a lot of information about their audience.

Methods of BTL Marketing:

  • Personal Selling:- Personal selling is also known as face-to-face selling, in which one person, the seller, tries to convince the customer to buy a product. It is a promotional activity in which the seller uses skills and abilities to try to make a sale.
  • Point of sale: This is another method of BTL marketing. It is used by businesses to convey their message or communicate information to customers. The point of sale is the location where a purchase is made.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla marketing uses techniques that are common. This marketing strategy expands revenue and increases public awareness of a company.

Prime Location For BTL Marketing Campaign:

BTL agencies in India use BTL activities to create an experience. BTL activities describe the products and services in a better way. Promotional BTL activities focus on particular groups of people who are interested in your brand. This method is best suited for direct response and conversions.

It’s important to choose the right location for your BTL campaign. The first step is researching your target audience and identifying how you want to reach them.

Location for BTL Marketing
  • Near a Living Complex: A living complex could be an ideal location for your BTL marketing campaign. Using attention-grabbing techniques for your campaign could attract the right audience.
  • Near a Highway: BTL activities grab more attention on a heavily travelled road. So a BTL campaign on a road with a higher traffic count would also help get more eyes on your product.
  • Near a Mall: Customers are more willing to spend time at malls to look at different brands. If your product is not generic to a specific demographic and has mass appeal, then setting up a campaign near a mall is the right choice.
  • Near an Educational Center: If your product desires to target a younger audience, then setting up a BTL campaign near a school or university would be the right spot.
  • Near Bus Stand or Market: Setting up BTL campaigns near bus stands or markets will keep customers up to date on the newest information about the products and services you deliver.

Organizing a BTL Marketing Campaign:

BTL activities allow your brand to develop stronger relationships with customers while also attracting new ones.

Organize a BTL Activity

Organizing a campaign could be a task; it includes steps to be kept in mind. Here are some points to consider:

  • Plan BTL Marketing Activities -BTL activities are more interactive and allow brands and consumers to connect personally. BTL marketing activities include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogues, brand promotion, telemarketing, free sampling, and exhibitions. 
  • Location:  Customers are the main focus of all marketing efforts. Giving information about the brand and the offers directly impacts how well the sales are executed. It’s crucial to pick the right location to get their full attention. Markets, bus stands, shopping centres, and many other places could be the right option to advertise your campaign.
  • Target Audience: The target audience is identified as potential customers who are interested in your products and services.  Conduct market research and get to know your current customers. Think about who your audience is, what challenges they face, where they hang out, and who they trust.

Why You Should Opt for BTL Activities in Your Next Campaign?

Direct Contact Between Customers and Brands

BTL promotional activities enable direct communication between brands and customers. Direct communication helps customers understand the product better and connect on a personal level. It helps brands understand customers’ buying patterns.

BTL activities include brand activation, mall activation, email marketing, telemarketing, exhibitions, and more. BTL activities help you achieve your goal while reaching your target audience easily.

Reaching Your Target Audience

BTL marketing helps you reach your target audience. Having the desired goal allows you to plan accordingly. Whether you opt for mall activation or brand activation, you must be aware of your target audience. BTL activities help you reach the right customer.

Create Brand Awareness

BTL marketing ideas help marketers spread awareness about the brand. It helps people connect with the brand and explain the benefits of a brand. BTL ideas attract more customers while increasing the number of leads for a brand. 

Innovative and creative BTL marketing is the most preferred marketing strategy used by marketers in the current scenario, as it creates a niche for a brand. It helps the brand mark its presence in the market.

Makes An Impression On The Audience

BTL activities help create a stronger impact on the audience. BTL’s marketing activities make the brand memorable and increase its recall value. BTL activities engage the audience and allow them to interact.

Whether it’s mall activation, exhibitions, or the latest marketing solutions like hashtag printers or Photobox, any BTL activity helps the brand engage the audience while making a positive and powerful impact on them.

Allow Your Audience to Feel Your Product

You must have come across free samples of the products when you visited the market. Sampling and trial generation are forms of BTL activities. Sampling is one of the most effective measures in BTL marketing, as it introduces your brand to the audience. It gives them a sense of the product, resulting in repeated sales of the product.

Sampling allows customers to touch and feel the product. It is an effective marketing effort to teach the customer about the products. When customers become familiar with the product, it provides them with a quality guarantee, which can later result in brand loyalty and help the brand in the long run.


Everything depends on how well marketers understand the market and whether the customer and the message link well. If your company has yet to engage in any BTL marketing activities, now is the time to reveal its true colours and establish your market presence using BTL marketing methods.

For new product launches trade shows, roadshows, ad campaigns and unique BTL marketing techniques, contact one of the Best BTL marketing agencies in India.

Why use BTL marketing to generate awareness?

Ans. BTL marketing is an advertising strategy where products and services are promoted directly by direct mail campaigns, trade shows, and catalogues. 
A BTL marketing campaign helps marketers spread awareness about the brand. It helps the brand connect with customers and explain the benefits of the brand. BTL marketing helps attract more customers.

What are the target locations in BTL marketing?

Ans. Consumers are the prime target of any kind of marketing. Imparting them with an understanding of the brand and the offers directly impacts how well the sales are done.
To gather the best attention from them, it is essential to choose the right location. Locations like markets, highways, shopping complexes, and many more create a powerful impact. Advertising with hoardings, billboards, and booths at trade shows is effective.

When would you invest in BTL marketing?

Ans. Let us understand why you should invest in BTL marketing: BTL marketing is a great way to enhance two-way interactions while building a customer-brand relationship. BTL activities allow a direct point of contact between you and your customers.

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