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Outdoor Advertising: The Most Effective Avenue of Promotion.

Our modern world is extremely hectic, and it seems that when it comes to advertising, new forms of media emerge all the time. As technology has improved, the world of outdoor media has changed a lot, but outdoor advertising remains popular.

Outdoor advertising is one of the media that can dominate the mind of a human being. They cannot be ignored by anyone.

Branding and advertising are not going anywhere; they are a need for every business. Therefore, an outdoor advertising strategy is considered an effective and efficient method.

Types of Outdoor Advertising:

Billboard Advertising:

Billboard advertising came into common usage all the way back in the early 19th century and has remained one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising ever since.

outdoor advertising

Types of Billboards

Billboards come in a variety of formats, with the definition of “billboard” itself stating that they are “a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements.” This is a fairly broad description, and as such, the types of billboards available include:

Static Billboards: Such as the ones typically seen on a roadside.

Mobile Billboards: These are transported on the back of a vehicle, such as a van.

Digital Billboards: LED screens that allow digitally animated advertisements to be displayed.

Point on Sale Advertising

While some types of outdoor advertising are intended to attract the attention of a wide range of customers, point-of-sale advertising is a little more specific.

This type of advertising involves an ad or display positioned in proximity to a “point of sale,” such as the checkout section of a supermarket or near the queue in a clothes store, with the intention of promoting a product to a customer right as they’re about to make a purchase.

BTL Marketing

BTL marketing involves targeting an individual or a group of customers with promotional messages. It is all about engaging your customers on a more personal level.

Below-the-line marketing is a marketing strategy where products are promoted in the media. BTL marketing activities include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogues, and targeted search engine marketing.

BTL activities are a great way to enhance two-way interactions while building a customer-brand relationship. BTL activities allow a direct point of contact between you and your customers.

LED Van Advertising

LED van marketing is a versatile medium of advertising. It can be used in various ways for promoting a product.

Your van attracts people in various ways. Imagine your van having an LED display describing the products and services you are offering. This will attract the attention of your potential customer base and encourage them to make inquiries.

Mobile Van Advertising

Mobile Van Advertising is a movable hoarding which will display brand advertisement on the mobile van travelling city-wide targeting commuters and passersby. Through Mobile Van Advertising, companies can effectively reach a wide audience of different demographics.x

This is an effective and popular type of outdoor advertising due to the increased exposure it offers. The van is constantly on the move, so the advert can reach people in a much wider catchment area.

Therefore, mobile van advertising is considered to be a cost-effective and efficient method. The cost of mobile van advertising in India may vary from 60K to 1L per month.

Corporate Events

These are some of the best ways to grab attention. Corporate events tend to work best when you already have a customer base and can reach them.

Corporate events

Hosting product launch events or securing sponsorships is a great way to get in front of your audience. Most industry events have several sponsorship opportunities to help get the most attendance and increase awareness.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising:

Saved Time And Effort

Outdoor advertising gets your brand in front of the correct people straight away. Running outdoor ads is also simple if you have a particular place and goal in mind.


To the individual consumer, outdoor advertising is unquestionably a more acceptable kind of advertising. For starters, it has a considerably longer history than online advertisements.

Increased Branding

Outdoor advertising has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and image. Customers have limited control over what marketing they view outside the home because they can’t “ignore” outdoor ads like they can with online ads.


It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to promote yourself or your talent in an outdoor advertisement. It may draw the attention of hundreds of thousands of individuals, resulting in your growth.

Reasons Why Outdoor Advertising Can Be The Most Effective Avenue of Promotion.

  • Since people spend a large part of their lives travelling, these ads tend to get seen by people whenever they are moving from one place to another, and this is one medium that brands can’t miss out on.
  • When it comes to outdoor advertising, it is essential for these mediums to stand out and grab the audience’s attention since there are too many distractions available in the external environment.
  • With TV, radio, and most other mediums, there is a big possibility that the audience might skip, ignore, or tune out of the ads as they are seen as interruptions, but outdoor ads cannot be skipped or ignored easily. They are easily able to catch the audience’s eye.
  • Targeting is an extremely important aspect when it comes to marketing. Wrong targeting can not only increase the cost of the campaign by having it seen by the wrong group of people but also make it ineffective as the actual target audience might not get to see the ad. Outdoor ads can be targeted geographically very effectively by placing them in the areas and routes that the brand wishes to target.
  • Since people passing by these ads can belong to all classes of people these ads can effectively target both upper and lower segments of society. With the correct placement of hoardings in the right areas, brands could easily reach their targeted demographic.
  • Unlike other mediums like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc., these ads do not require the audience to consciously access the platform for a good amount of time before they see the ad. The audience sees these ads as soon as they step out of the house.

Why Should You Use Outdoor Advertising?

  • The local presence of the brand is well-established through attractive vinyl, flex, illumination, etc. This makes the outdoor medium more attractive, effective, and desirable for any campaign.
  • Outdoor advertising is an excellent medium that is unstoppable in ensuring the success of a press or television campaign.
  • Outdoor advertising is available in locations where the potential customer is present. Outdoor media is one of the most effective and noticeable mediums and is ideally suited for campaigns.
  • A few strategic locations in support of any campaign will yield outstanding results. Outdoor media is a medium that constantly reminds customers to pass by at all hours of the day and night. Outdoor advertising in prominent locations associated with well-known brands becomes a landmark in its own right.


Advertising is the most crucial part to get the brand noticed. Finding the best route to get the message across is essential. Outdoor advertising has the capability to garner attention from multi-channels.

Finding the best mode of outdoor advertising like hoardings, corporate events, tradeshows and many more can create a huge difference. It’s time to make a change and let your business reach its maximum potential by utilizing these new technologies to their greatest extent.

Is the most recent and effective medium of advertisement?

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to connect with your ideal customers.

Why is hoarding important in marketing?

The best way to reach the highest target audience is hoarding. A hoarding allows you to reach people of all genders, age groups, and classes. It especially ensures that you capture the attention of the middle class and the upper class.

Which advertising media is most effective?

Hoarding advertising is considered the most effective form. It has the desired qualities of strong credibility, high audience attention levels, and friendly audience reception.

How much does it cost to advertise on hoardings?

Additionally, outdoor ads can be placed anywhere in India, allowing you to target specific markets. The cost of outdoor advertising in India varies depending on the location and type of ad. In general, however, outdoor ads costs range from around Rs 50 000 to Rs 2 million per month.

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