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It’s Time to Redesign Your Outdoor Advertising Strategy With Cynor Media.

Every day, customers are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements. How can you make your outdoor advertising stand out from the crowd?

Cynor Media has successfully managed advertising campaigns all over North India. There are numerous reasons why we stand so strongly behind an effective outdoor advertising strategy.

Outdoor advertising refers to any advertising medium that targets consumers outside of their homes. This includes billboards, hoarding advertising, BTL advertising, mobile van advertising, LED van advertising, and more.

Customers have been bombarded with digital advertisements so continually that the majority are ignored or not recognized. How often do you find yourself skipping over ads when you scroll through social media? But you can’t ignore a billboard or a highway hoarding. 

In fact, another reason why outdoor ads are so effective is that they stand out and better capture the customer’s attention.

Outdoor Advertising VS. Online Advertising

Online and digital ads have become somewhat of a nuisance, which is why we’re seeing more people download ad-blocking software. Ads you see online also collect extensive amounts of data, which allows businesses to directly target individual consumers.

This may raise concerns about privacy and security, which could foster mistrust between the brand and the customer. The fact that outdoor advertising is experiential makes it effective. It involves coming into direct contact with the advertisement.

Many people spend a lot of time outside of their houses, where they are forced to constantly pass by advertisements like billboards and posters.

Another reason why companies opt for outdoor advertising is that it is cost-effective. Outdoor advertising is typically less expensive than print or digital advertising.

It is also more long-term. On the contrary, to run a digital commercial ad, companies often have to pay a repeated fee just so their ad is visible more than once.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

Your outdoor advertising strategy will have different benefits depending on the medium you choose.

Hoarding Advertising

If you’re looking to make a strong impact, creative hoarding advertising should be at the top of your strategy list. hoarding, one of the original forms of advertising, remains one of the most reliable marketing strategies and has stood the test of time.

71 percent of drivers “often look at the messages on roadside billboards.

(Source: Ioaa)

Additionally, billboards are no longer limited to static text and graphics. Digitalization and technological improvements have opened up new design and content possibilities for billboards.

Digital and interactive billboards are now common, and they continue to draw attention to themselves on highways and streets. Hoarding allows flexibility for marketing campaigns. The creative opportunities are endless.

Hoarding /Billboards come in different shapes, sizes, and media and can be put up virtually anywhere. It’s safe to say that this advertising medium shows no signs of slowing down.

Mobile Van Advertising

This type of advertising includes posters and signage seen on vans. During commutes, consumers encounter thousands of advertisements. That makes this marketing strategy very opportunistic for your business.

This marketing strategy is especially great for densely populated cities and urban areas. If an ad gains more exposure, it results in higher levels of engagement.

“Mobile vans are viewed by 95% of people who pass by them.”

Mobile van advertising involves showcasing banners of the concerned product or service. Today, van advertising, or outdoor advertising, comprises advertising the brand on a high-tech LED display screen.

 A mobile van roaming across the city or through the target areas fosters curiosity among the watchers. It also helps brands build a more extensive local outreach, and create regional awareness.

There are several innovative ways of Mobile Van advertising.

1. Center board vehicle advertising. 

2. Roadshow vehicle advertising. 

3. LED Mobile Van advertising.

Corporate Events

Corporate events such as product launch events, trade shows, exhibitions, and integrated free product trials are effective ways of marketing a new product or launch. 

9 in 10 marketers that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity for in-person connection.”

(Source: Function Events)

Events allow the consumer to become a part of the marketing strategy and provide them with a memorable experience that they’ll most likely share on social media or with friends.

BTL Advertising

BTL advertising is a marketing strategy where products are promoted on a more personal level than ATL advertising. Outdoor activities include direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, brand promotion activities, telemarketing, free sampling, exhibitions, and targeted search engine marketing.

BTL activities are more interactive and give brands and consumers the opportunity to connect on a personal level.

It allows a direct point of contact between customers and the brand. BTL activities use creative, out-of-the-box ideas to attract and engage a larger target audience. BTL activation gives your brand the desired exposure and increases its visibility.

A Proven Outdoor Advertising Strategy-

Here are some tips for developing and executing a successful outdoor advertising strategy.

Target High-Traffic Areas

Your advertisement gets more exposure by targeting high-traffic areas. A billboard reaches a target audience.

Be Visible

Visibility nurtures familiarity, which results in trust. 

Many consumers travel the same route daily. They will become acquainted with your brand if they see your outdoor advertisement regularly. The more familiar your brand is, the stronger the trust is between the brand and the consumer.

Recognize Your Customer

Before you design your ad, you must consider the audience that will come into contact with it. Think about how you want them to respond to your advertisement. A good advertisement is memorable and motivates the consumer to take action.


Outdoor advertising can be extremely beneficial and profitable for your brand. Cynor Media can help your business by coming up with the ultimate outdoor advertising strategy for your product.

The best option for outsourcing advertising services is an Event Management Company in Chandigarh. Our advertising professionals ensure that no detail is neglected when producing traditional and digital outdoor media, and they can guarantee a successful outdoor advertising campaign.

We can increase the efficiency of your upcoming marketing campaign by working together. Contact us today.

What is the meaning of an advertising agency?

An advertising agency refers to a business that manages the advertising processes of its clients. They provide services for a wide range of advertising needs.

Why is the advertising agency important?

Advertising agencies are like tailors; they create ads, plan how, when, and where they should be delivered, and then hand them over to their clients. They are independent entities that take all the effort to sell the product to the clients.

What are the main functions of an advertising agency?

1. Account Management.
2. Creative Team.
3. Researchers.
4. Media Planners. 
5. Advertising budget.
6. Coordination.
7. Sales promotion.

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