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Outdoor Advertising – Make Your Message Go Viral!

Everyone’s busy when they’re outside with a destination in mind. So getting people to stop for a moment and interact with whatever you’re trying to sell is important. Once you’ve got someone to interact with your outdoor advertising, the more likely it is that they’ll tell someone about it.

This gives the ad campaign a much higher chance of going viral and reaching more and more people. Let’s take a look at some interactive outdoor ads that shocked the world.

Did you know-

68% of customers confess to frequently making purchasing decisions while in the car.

The value of outdoor advertising as a promotional channel!

Outdoor advertising enables brands to get in front of large audiences in a targeted and efficient way. It adds value in a unique way where consumers can engage with brands directly. 

Outdoor Advertising Builds Your Brand.

If you want to create awareness for your brand, outdoor advertising is an ideal form of advertising.

Outdoor media sends your brand message in just a few seconds. Outdoor advertising helps customers recall the product message conveyed in the signage.

55% of people say they were “highly engaged” by the ad’s message.

(Source: Commerce Color)

With its repeated exposure, your target audience develops familiarity with your business every time they pass by your advertisement.

Outdoor media formats surround and reach consumers while they spend 70% of their day away from home.

As people go out and about, commuting or shopping, walking their dog, or searching for their favorite frappe, they are exposed to outdoor messages.

With outdoor advertising, you can achieve a massive reach within a market. It provides marketers with a broad brush to raise brand awareness and recall. 

It Reaches Your Target Audience.

Outdoor advertising is location-specific. Each location is strategically selected to aim your message at the precise audience you’re trying to engage.

OOH, Ads Are Capable of Driving a 38% Increase in Mobile Engagements with Brands.

(Source: 75 Media)

With the help of outdoor advertising, you can target your audience in a specific town, city, or market area. You can also reach out to particular demographics, ages, and income groups of people.

You can predict when and where your target audience will be and intercept them with your message.

With proximity marketing, you can dominate strategic locations: grand openings, events, trade shows, high-traffic areas, specific zip codes, competitor locations, etc.

You may interact with your audience at important points in their day. This ensures maximum exposure to the exact right people. Broad reach, narrow focus.

Outdoor Is Cost-Effective.

One of the best reasons to invest in outdoor advertising is that it is very affordable to reach a large audience and raise brand recognition.

This media is cost-effective as compared to other advertising mediums like TV, radio, and newspapers.

Hoarding ads are beneficial to small companies as they have limited budgets. This gives brands national reach at a relatively low cost.

It’s Big, It’s Bold, and It’s Hard to Miss.

Outdoor advertising is a great way to boost your marketing efforts in a unique way.

More than 85% of people believe billboards provide useful information, and 83% believe outdoor advertising is informative.

(Source: Do It Outdoors)

Impactful outdoor messaging that’s fun, exciting, or eye-catching will grab people’s attention. Build excitement and generate interest in your business.

Make Them Stand Out!

This can be done by using bright colors on your ad or adding spotlights or making the billboard glow in the dark.

It Generates Consumer Action.

BTL Campaign has the greatest impact on awareness, recommendation, and purchase-intent metrics. It not only has a large market reach to maximize exposure among key audiences, but it can also truly influence consumer behavior.

It Provides Maximum Exposure.

Consider the hundreds of people who pass through the streets every day, and thousands more in busy cities, who will get to see the hoarding advertisement. This is the reason why the highways are for outdoor advertising.

72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work.

(Source: Axiom Designs)

This creates a positive image between a brand and its audience. This image can also create happiness and good vibes around the world.

It Boosts Sales

A mobile van advertising can generate an average of 65,000 visual impressions a day, given that it passes through major city roads.

When used strategically, outdoor advertising will reach far more prospective customers than indoor advertising.

When people see a mobile van with an ad, they feel confident, excited, hopeful, positive, and happy. Consumers trust out-of-home. People use the outdoors as a very credible source of information.

You can use outdoor advertising to influence brand perception and purchase decisions.

Look At The Competition.

Look at what the competition is doing. In this way, you can see what works and what doesn’t for them.

Advertising can also be used to direct people to your website, a particular landing page, or to use a specific hashtag on social media.

Make sure that your Outdoor media advertising is leveraging the power of engagement to enhance your other marketing efforts instead of working in isolation.

Make Your Advertising Shareable.

To make your advertisement stand out from the competition, think outside of the box. This is a great way to increase your reach as your ad will generate its own advertising organically.

For this, consider bold marketing or experiential advertisements to make an effective impact on consumers.


As you can see, outdoor advertising has so much potential when working in lockstep with all outdoor activities to bring brand messages with greater reach and impact. It’s something you may have credited to outdoors in the past.

Outdoor advertising is an advertising strategy that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. If you are looking for the best billboard advertising, Cynor Media helps you. We offer efficient outdoor advertising in India.

If anyone is looking for outdoor advertising in Chandigarh, we help them discover locations, availability, and rates in just a few clicks.

How do I make an advertisement go viral?

1. Appealing to a target audience.
2. Make emotional appeals. 
3. Ensure content is easily shareable.
4. Share your content at the right time.

Why are outdoor ads effective?

Outdoor provides a continuous presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reaches audiences that other media find hard and cost-prohibitive to attract, eg light tv viewers. Whether you are driving past in a car, standing in a bus shelter, or waiting for a train at a station.

Is outdoor advertising a good thing?

With the ability to reach consumers on an acceptable, positive level, outdoor advertising has the ability to trump your in-home marketing efforts. Using outdoor advertising space can save you time, and money, and generate a higher consumer response than many forms of in-home or digital advertising.

How do you run outdoor advertising?

1. It’s all about location, location, location.
2. In outdoor advertising, size matters.
3. Give viewers the content they can actually read.
4. Keep it short and simple.
5. Empower your ads by providing context and brand identity.
6. Make it matter to your customers.

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