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Hoarding Advertising: Definition, Types, and Why They Matter?

Every day, new forms of advertising media emerge. Outdoor advertising has changed dramatically as digital technology has advanced, but one form of Outdoor advertising that remains popular is hoarding advertising.

These eye-catching advertisements have been around for a long time in both urban and rural areas. But what exactly are hoarding ads? What is it about them that makes them such a popular medium? And how can you go about utilizing these kinds of advertisements for your own company? Everything you need to know.

What is Hoarding Advertising?

Hoarding is an outdoor advertising format that consists of the top of a building and is usually located in high-traffic areas with well-known and busy routes. Hoarding is the most effective method of promoting a brand, engaging with the public, and making an impression.

Types of Hoardings


A billboard promotes a brand by offering a campaign through the display of advertisements. Billboard advertising uses large-scale print and advertising boards called billboards or hoardings to promote products and services. It is located in high-traffic areas or near malls to attract viewers.

Hoarding advertising gets the highest number of views and provides long-term brand visibility. Outdoor advertising establishes strong branding through text sizes, images of celebrities and benefits of the products, and other relevant information such as price.


  • Digital billboard
  • Painted billboard
  • Mobile billboard
  • Static Billboard

Uni Poles

A Unipole is an outdoor advertising method. The Uni-pole is a large-format billboard placed atop a pole. Its effectiveness has enhanced the fact that this billboard can be seen from a long distance.

Unipole advertising increases conversion rates. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it in seconds. One of the reasons Unipole is still in use is that it can influence and inspire customers to make immediate purchases.


Wall capes provide excellent exposure in prominent downtown urban areas for long-term use. It will be easier for these companies to reach a particular consumer group to whom they sell their services and products.

Why You Should Invest in Hoarding Advertisements:

72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work.

(Source: Axiom Designs)

What is a better way to catch customers’ attention? Billboards, hoardings, and flexes continue to be one of the most popular ways of advertising.


Hoardings are one of the few outdoor media left that can dominate the minds of human beings. They provide more exposure. Thus, they cannot be ignored by anyone stepping down the street.

According to ad agency research, more than half of those who saw an ad on hoarding ads remember the slogan printed on it. It is impossible to walk or drive by hoarding and not see at least half of the message.

Target Audience

Why do we advertise and run campaigns? Why do we apply detailed advertising strategies to generate higher sales revenues?

The best way to reach the target audience is through hoarding advertisements. A hoarding allows you to reach people of all genders, age groups, and classes. It especially ensures that you attract the attention of the middle class and upper class.

Attract Leads

Leads rarely come to you by watching your video ad. But in the case of hoarding ads, the customers will come to your doorstep. There are many examples where outdoor hoarding advertisements have directed calls from customers.

100% of online companies like Amazon and Myntra use hoardings to attract their target audience. The design of the hoardings plays a vital role in making an impression on customers. That is why so many companies prefer hoarding advertising.

Great hoarding designs often have slogans and a clear call to action. This makes it easier for the customer to come to you directly without any middlemen involved.

It is important where you put your hoarding advertising. Advertising your product or services on a road that isn’t as crowded, or in an area that isn’t as prominent, doesn’t earn your brand the visibility it deserves.

You need an outdoor advertising agency that gives you access to hoardings in prominent locations of the city, where your brand gets optimal visibility. An advertising agency will promote your brand in an innovative and relevant manner to your audience.


Hoarding ads are the most vibrant and eye-catching options in outdoor marketing. Hoardings have many advantages. Outdoor Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh provide hoarding services that are affordable and cost-effective since once you put up a hoarding, it stays there for a minimum of 24 *7.


What are hoarding ads?

Hoardings are large boards that are erected around a construction site and can prominently feature printed graphics and designs.

Why are hoarding ads important?

A hoarding allows you to reach people of all genders, age groups, and classes. It is the best way to reach the target audience.

What are the different types of hoarding ads?

There are many types of hoardings. Billboards, Uni poles, Wallscapes, etc.

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